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    <whew!> I have, and always will, maintain that the Windows platform, regardless of who writes what application for it, is not in the best interest of consumers. I have, and will always, maintain that the Windows platform, and everything written by anyone for this platform carries sole responsibility for identity theft, malware, keyloggers, backdoors, trojans, virii, lost productivity, costs associated with lost productivity and everything else. I will not use it. And for those games that I don't feel like messing with "wine" (a "win32 api compatibility layer" that allows some win32 apps to run on *nix), I do have 95, 98 and xp boxen that do NOT connect to the internet.

    Now, since I don't use that stuff, I am not aware of all the little "bug/features". This is one that I did not know about, but it scares the beejesus out of me!

    Clipboard Data Theft Now Optional With IE7
    IE7 finally allows the user to know when the Clipboard theft "vulnerability" (M$ calls it a "feature") is active. Previously, the method of turning this off required "Allow paste operations via script", in the internet options dialog to be turned off. (I can never recall for absolute certainty whether this is under the customise button in the security tab, or if it is under the advanced tab.)