Black Poetry : I cry (political) dead blood

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    Calls of paper columns
    who voice cry in paragraphs
    in da handbill as it lay still
    you lying cold in the doorway
    a drifter un-named, not claimed
    unable to speak, voice void
    mask of cities street da blood spill
    your vote can't be counted
    political party affiliation, precincts deleted
    entries cancelled while laws un-made
    Neither citizen or ancestor , tell if you would
    tell me if you can see it now beyond da footprint
    against the payphone,the stain on the voting booth
    as da bill lay confused da bang ring out again
    Guns destroyer, lives lay still
    news read blood , wound in hands
    congress in displacement, buyers wave victory
    families line da lane of reviewers
    America" the star of every state cry a tear
    in silent night of red glair another soul cold
    dead upon da streets of never freedom
    I cry da political dead blood !
    Will we ever be passive for world peace
    our peace upon selves as a people
    stop the rage that have us cage
    get off the backs of political aenas
    STOP da tears of blood .
    A Dyamondluv splash
    Nu-wave ink Creation
    2013 Da $R