Black Poetry : I Cried For You


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Mar 17, 2001
where the sugar is in the land
Last night, I thought about
You and I...I remember the
First day that I laid my
Eyes on you, you took my
Breath away and it took
Me by surprise
I didn't know what had
Come over me
I found you to be very
Intriguing and wanted to
Know everything about you
My fascination with you
Could never be satisfied
I soaked up all of your
Thoughts, your hopes, your
Dreams into my mind so that
I could keep them close to
Me at all times
I remember long talks on
The phone and anticipating
On being with you alone
I remember long walks on
The lake, hand in hand, and
Not wanting the night to
End...that's when I
Discovered that I was
Falling in love and I cried
For you
I loved you like I never
Loved anyone else before
And oh, how I cried....
You were my light, you
Painted all of my dark days
I needed you, like I need
The air that I breathe, and
Just like the blood that runs
Through my veins that makes
My heart beat
I loved you, I cried for you
I felt the warmth of your
Love for me too, as I basked
In the rays of your sunlight
I was the center of your
Life, and you were the
Center of mine, too
But, you see, I didn't ask
To love you....
I wasn't looking for love,
But love was looking for tapped me on the
Shoulder and that's how you
And I became we
The more time I spent with
You the more I slipped into
Your beautiful embrace of love
But, what happened to us?
Look at us now, after all of
These years we've somehow
Grown apart
I feel your pain...I feel you
Hurting, because I am hurting,
Too and last night, I cried
For you, because I still love


kaslis, copyright 2000...all rights reserved.


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