Black Poetry : I couldn't sleep


Jul 2, 2003
Thanks for the read Da Street So'ja
Here is how it finished last night
See freaking with this girl carries
from one day to the next.

Man she is something.

I gots my call in
Just before responding to the post.
I hope she hits back.. so after the band ( live bands every weekend )
I assault with a new attack.

Here is how it will proceed

Coming at her commando style
I’m on a mission

Hope she has a while

No army fatigues
No hand grenades

Just her in the naked and down on her knees

Mounting the action
Sweat making me wet

Flip her over
Kissing her breast

The mission is between her neck and her waist

Take some time before diving in
To sample a taste


Rip off my tee

No time to waste

The mission

The one between her neck and her waist.​


Jul 2, 2003

I am looking forward to the smile.

When I arrived at the door
I saw it was cracked
No hesitation
I was ready for what ever attack
The only confrontation
That happened in the place
Was her jumping on me when I entered
Legs wrapped around my waist

Whip cream in hand
I knew what was next
Put a line down her stomach
From her neck to her waist:ref:

Lunch time!


Jul 2, 2003
One kiss, two..

Thanks for the read


It was lunch time when I showed up

The menu was hot muffins
Melons and wine.

I poured the wine down the center of the melons
I hit the muffins hard

Opened the fridge to see if there was any sauce
Found the syrup ( Dark Karo )
What a sticky pace

Syrup poured down the melons
Syrup all over the place

Licking up all the syrup
That particular brand
Takes about three strokes and leaves sticky hands

Now the clean up
Some body had to wash this up

Reality check!
More finger licking syrup
I'm Pouring

An extended lunch:wine::hearts2::em4300::eeek::em3700:

After hit the shower
Fresh ready to go

I am having trouble
Making it to the front door

Nothing holding me back but more desire
Of her sweet solid figure
And her innocent looking smile

I am gonna wipe that smile off her face.

Mission almost complete
The rest will have to happen tonight
I am now late for work

I never know what to expect
That girl has an imagination that will ignite
The flames of the Olympics
The fire in this man.


Jul 2, 2003

:car: Come with me dude
She has a friend
That knows some secrets
And how to please her man

You know you my road dog.. wolf. wolf.. is the call

Get in the car man
I am rolling

I will have time to introduce you
Then your on your own

Just move in close
I think she knows what she wants

So it won't be long

I know you dude
your smart and your brave

I hope you had enough sleep
My girl said she plans
To have you up
For the next few days.:flamet:

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