Health and Wellness : "I Can't Get Skin Cancer...I'm Black!!!"

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    It may sound surprising; however, many people actually believe this to be true. "I don't need skin protection. I have enough Melanin in my skin."

    My father loved to sit out in the sun, while reading his newspaper every morning. Unfortunately, I lost my father to skin cancer (melanoma) in 2007. It spread to his chest cavity and then to his brain. So, it is important that we educate ourselves about the risk associated with not protecting our skin from the sun.

    "...The misconception that black people cannot develop skin cancer has driven many specialists to wrongfully diagnose them. Due to the same misconception, black people do
    not usually use sunscreens when taking sunbaths as they think they are immune to UV radiation.

    "There's a perception that people with darker skin don't have to worry about skin cancer, but that's not true. Minorities do get skin cancer, and because of this false perception most
    cases aren't diagnosed until they are more advanced and difficult to treat. Unfortunately, that translates into higher mortality rates," lead researcher Dr Hugh Gloster stated."

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