i cannot enter "dark of light"?

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Nov 17, 2006
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:10500: i suppose it tells me that i no longer fit in.......

................Wow!, lol, ROFL...I really enjoyed the exchanges james...Peace In my friend.



Jan 22, 2001
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:10500: i suppose it tells me that i no longer fit in.......

Brother James ... why you act'n all spoiled and stuff ... :love: ... c'mere ... let's hug ... :grouphug:

Just like OUR $$RICH$$NESS was say'n ... you've made us aware of a problem we didn't know we had ... Thank You.

It appears that once a Member has been Premium, creates an album, then their Premium Membership expires ... the pictures in their album are not available to anyone other than Administrators. The pictures rotate on the home page and stuff, but if you click them to see a larger view, you get that error / login page. I've not actually tested it, to see if the Moderators are left out too, but I think I read evidence of that somewhere.

The bottom line is though ... it should not be this way ... and I'm trying to see how to fix it. Nothing I've tried yet, has worked, which means I gotta dig a little deeper. I was going to pass this request on to our technical support team ... but we aint got one ... :cry:

So you're stuck with me ... sorry ... :look:

I am working on it though, as it should not be this way.

Premium Members especially, should be able to see albums ... but as soon as I figure it out, I'm going to make it so that everyone sees albums ... Premium or Not ... but I don't see how to do it yet ... plus ... I got like a gazillion things going on in my life, as most of us do ... so please ... don't you go get all mushy on me ... :lol:

I need you to stay strong ... :weights:

I Love You Brother James ... YOU KNOW THIS !!! ... :love:

Thank You MY $$RICH$$NESS ... for the great level of support you give our home ... :love:

I too want this fixed ... there's something wrong with showing folk's pictures, and even the folk who put them up, can't see them (even if they aren't Premium anymore) ... that aint rite ... i just didn't know it was working like this, until Brother James told us. I just ask that you all be patient with me, as I try to squeeze it in.

Much Love and Peace.



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