Chief Elder Osiris : I Can see Clearly Now.

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    I Can See Clearly Now.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear you.

    Obviously seeing clearly is not an easy task for most Black people, because it require for you to Think using your Divine mind and not the mind of those who has a record of lying and deceiving you.

    Therefore, in this case of seeing, it is the habit of Lucifer the Human Being, the creator of Religion, the foundation upon which all lies and acts of deception stand, which prevent most Black people from being qualified to see ourselves, that is why Black people are as we are today, which is admirers of those who control the Mind we now use.

    Seeing clearly bring into view a Divine Truth that show Black people being the number one followers of their oppressors, without question, which is what cause most Black people not to be able to See clearly, but just to look through cloudy eyes that deceive, by revealing what is only an illusion, labeling what is being looked at to be what it is not, Divine Reality.

    A people been made to look through the glass of light, can not see clearly, but they look at only that which the deceiving light make to be manifest before them.

    Here is a people who have been made to worship the light and curse the Divine Reality, Darkness, a reality that must be seen and looked upon with clarity of vision, which give you the ability to see that which is Divinely True and Real.

    I Have Been Made to see Clearly now, And I can see all of The obstacles In Black People Pathway.

    So, that which I share with you, is not for you who desire not to see what is inside of you to see clearly, in order to be able to know and not believe all that you look at.

    Knowing is the use of energy that cause understanding and understanding is what qualify you to be able to become aware of Thyself.

    But knowing and understanding will not come to you, not until you are able to see yourself clearly within the Divinity of Darkness, it is space of Everlasting Infinity, shrouding the Divine Essence Deity, which is the infinity of space revealing to you the energy of all things in form and not form, such immeasurable presence, is referred to as Divine reality, God in truthful unending action.

    I can see clearly now, because I can understand the action of it all, that it is, because the All of All is not of the light, but is because of that sacred Infinite reality darkness, within that entity of Divine truth and Reality, there reside all things physical and nonphysical.

    I can see clearly now, all that Black people been made to believe, which is what is required of Black to look at, and why most Black people are without the caliber of Mind that qualifies you to see.

    Seeing is not believing, it is knowing and understanding, principles of freedom that is not to be compromised, and when not, and you find yourself without that Divine value, then you stop at nothing until you become able to see clearly, which become a sign of you being free, and if not, then to do what is necessary to become free.

    Environment dictate the value and condition to life, and if the environment you are allowing your life to be exposed to is not under your authority and control, in relationship to your life, and you give off the inaction that is a sign that you are satisfied with the life you live that is under somebody other than your self control, then that is a sign that you no longer see clearly in favor of your Black so call Afrikan life.

    The present state of Afrika and the Tribal division of the Afrikan, is what verify that the Black Afrika people, no longer can see clearly now.

    So beloved, as long as we Black people as a nation, remain unable to see clearly, freedom will continue to escape us, not by freedom doing, but by what Black people are not doing, and that is seeing clearly the evil that religion does to the Mind of a people who had Divine quality, which was replaced, with your consent with a profane quality of mind, one that have you Black people pretending and attempting to fake freedom, when in fact you can not fake Divine truth and Reality, it being the representative of the Divine essence, the verification of the Divine value of Freedom.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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