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    By Andre Austin

    My preliminary review of Michael Moore’s latest movie “Sicko” will of course be received with a warm reception because I could personally relate to the story. In contrast, the Bush administration and right wing conservatives have nothing but a bucket of aversion to any of Moore’s documentaries. The GOP and their posse are attempting to use all available tools to shut down Mr. Moore. The government is speculating whether or not Moore violated any trade embargo laws by transporting desperate, indigent and sickly Americans to Cuba to get medical treatment.

    Several months ago I was contemplating sending my injured relative to Venezuela or Cuba to get medical attention he is being denied here in Michigan. My uncle, Malcom stockard is the victim of a Party store employee who couldn’t control his verbal brawl that spilled over into a violent impulse of butchering of a persons hand like it was a piece of hamburger meat. The perpetrator choice of weapon was a box cutting knife, the same weapon Arabs used on 9-11 to take over 4 airplanes turnt into flying missiles. My uncle is no angel but didn’t deserve this torture and continued agony of the pain of nerve endings and blood vessels that have been severed. If and when this nightmare is sunseted the aftermath of this tragedy may be a long-term chemical addition to any type any kind and any where my uncle can get his hands on any pain medicine for a temporary quick fix and relief.

    I’m not saying Michael Moore is right legally but humanitarianly speaking I can relate to
    The frustration with the medical institutions here in the United States.

    Meanwhile, The defendant is currently is out on a measly $500 bond for assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and assault with a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault. Ironically, this former convict was able to hoodwink another judge into allowing him a Personal Protection order against the victim. Wool has been thrown on our judicial eyes

    In the mean time, while the trial is getting under way my uncle is trying to figure out how to come up with $ 50,000 dollars so that a hand specialist can reconnect his veins and nerves in hopes the restoration of his working right hand can get back to normal. Imagine the degrading feeling of having to ask another person to zip up your jacket or tightening up your belt. He has also went through the begging ritual of applying for social security and food stamps. He can’t get Medicaid because there’s a freeze on enrolling new patients. Malcolm feels like he’s running out of time. He needs this operation soon or he might be in jeopardy of loosing his hand. He feels like doing some miscellaneous violation of the law so that as a prisoner he can get the proper health care being denied as a free man. My uncle feels like he’s in a rat race of being trapped in labyrinth of a system that doesn’t care about your health if you don’t have the almighty dollar in your pockets. Its all about the Benjamins, people are all about money when we should be all about taking care of the sick and infirm. If I could make it to Cuba I would be just like Moore giving a helping hand to the poor. Watching a movie and relating to it can be a powerful call to action.

    From ice cold razors and empty veins of callousness
    What manner of a man can provoke this deluge of sinfulness?