Black Poetry : i believe in this community

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    betwixt and between
    i believe in this community

    even though i'm losing this battle to survive
    even though i struggle to keep us alive
    while our home ignores reality continuing to thrive

    i believe in this community

    even though some can love only to a degree
    even though it's limitless collective love that we need
    while i yearn to trust that one day it will be

    i believe in this community

    even though my hope wanes as the days grow long
    even though i can't see if i've been right or wrong
    while i pray God please help me stay strong

    i believe in this community

    even though our Membership continues to grow
    even though i feel more alone than any can know
    while i face this despair my love continues to flow

    i believe in this community

    even though many say they enjoy sharing here
    even though they know nothing of that which i fear
    while we welcome them in during times so severe

    i believe in this community

    even though my children have paid a great price
    even though they've been willing to share in this life
    while their sacrifice runs through my veins like ice

    i believe in this community

    even though the same Members share their money and give
    even though without them we could not even live
    while i'm thankful i hurt because we need the collective

    i believe in this community

    even though my children gave their money, Makeda too
    even though they insisted, i hurt through and through
    while my heart broke wondering what else could i do

    i believe in this community

    even though you said that you'd help and send money
    even though you were probably just making a funny
    while i foolishly believed that the dark days would get sunny

    i believe in this community

    even though water is rising higher than ever before
    even though the tear trickles have turned to downpours
    while i fight to steer us back to the shore

    i believe in this community

    even though i am cut from both sides of the sword
    even though the pain numbs me which is my reward
    while i know there's no more that i can afford

    i believe in this community

    even though many have told me to just let it go
    even though i've been likened to a street corner ho
    while i beg for the help that allows us to grow

    i believe in this community

    even though i'm told words that cut like a knife
    even though i've been lied on and threatened my life
    while my heart calmly guides me past all of the strife

    i believe in this community

    even though this feels like an abusive relationship
    even though my soul cries at the sting of the whip
    while i try to explain why we're joined at the hip

    i believe in this community

    even though i've been told i'm in great denial
    even though it's quite clear that i'm losing this trial
    while i continue to think i'm just versatile

    i believe in this community

    even though it's a blessing to love something so much
    even though we've become each other's crutch
    while i'm wondering if love really is made up of such

    i believe in this community

    even though i've been blessed beyond compare
    even though love like this is oh so rare
    while i cry praying that our home God will spare

    i believe in this community

    even though we may not gather here on tomorrow
    even though that thought brings me so much sorrow
    while i try to brace myself for whatever may follow

    i believe in this community

    even though it appears that it's all now too late
    even though we'll soon be standing outside the gate
    while my Spirit continues to whisper just wait

    i believe in this community​


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    Finance & Endless Possibilities
    I believe in this community too Destee...I just became a Premium Member! Please let me know what else I can do!
  3. truetothecause

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
    ME TOO!!

    I believe, I believe, I believe

    In this community TOO

    Even tho I feel sad and blue
    Being a part from the very start
    When I was sent here to be with you

    Yes Mama Destee
    I believe in this community TOO

    Despite all the changes we go through
    My Love has no end, no boundaries, it’s true
    And it is my only pleasure to be here with you

    Working on our change
    Building together in the Creator’s name
    Yo, WE know this is NOT a game
    Our Youth are worth all the pain

    I believe in this community TOO

    So it’s my undying plan and belief in you
    That supports me in doing that which I do
    Striving to maintain this/a community
    Despite the twists and turns this life takes us through

    Mama Destee, I believe in this community TOO

    In the event that it ceases to BE
    Know this one thing from ME
    I have only endeavored for us to SEE
    The I in me..the ultimate WE

    So keep your head high cause it hurts to hear you sigh
    And at the same time I know, all the reasons why
    ****, WE know…ain’t no pie in da sky
    WE have to make it right by and by

    I believe in this community TOO!

    Thank you for Sharing
    Thank you for Caring
    Thank you for BE~ing
    ole so Daring

    You've created a space
    A good and holy place
    Another leg in this race
    As WE work to save face

    From an oppressive Regime
    With their down right dirty scheme
    Designed to break up what they could only obtain through a "dream"
    Where Life, Love and Liberty reigns Supreme

    So I'a click my heels and close my eyes
    and take it all in stride
    I'll turn myself round and round
    three times
    And with OUR Sh*t colored Shoes
    I'll say

    in this Community TOO!
  4. MRS. LADY


    Dec 3, 2007
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere
    I love the community that you have created Sister Destee.. I appreciate it ....... very much...

    right now all I have to give is what's in my heart... but soon as the ball drop... premium member I am....

    How else can we help out??????


    Nov 2, 2005
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    Life is waiting....
    Love Prevails

    Destee You are Love
    You are why we gather here
    This place named of you
    Is wonders to us here

    There that be said
    I pray Blessings come to you
    I will do what I can
    But I am a poor fool

    Nights will go colder
    But that just makes us stronger
    Mother we can with stand
    We will remain Promised Land

    This is Now
    This is our Giving
    Please do not Fret
    Love gives more than Gets

    Know this
    All will be alright
    For as long as we KNow God's name
    He will stand for our Fight

    Hold Your Head Up Destee
    Everything will be Fine​
  6. anAfrican

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    The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
    StreetNationEarth: Seattle
    i believe in YOU!
    my heart is true;
    how can i help you?

    this from wayne
    feeling the pain
    of your strife.
    all i have to offer is my life.

    you've done Good Stuff here, M'Lady.
    Blessings and Thanks be upon you!
  7. watzinaname

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    When we are in the dark
    Saying, please God, please
    When we're all up against it
    And we've fallen on our knees

    When we have grown so
    weary, that we can barely speak
    And that silver lining has no luster
    as tears roll down each cheek

    That is when a tiny fissure of light
    almost too small to see
    Barely bright enough to view
    suddenly appears spontaneously

    But if our eyes aren't still open
    that moment it appears
    We'll miss that glimmer of hope
    and succumb to all our fears

    Perhaps that light will be different
    than any light we've seen before
    But although change can be scary
    it's a light that we cannot ignore

    It's what we have to believe
    when all else seems lost
    That somehow God's love will
    bless us, no matter what the cost

    Keep believing Destee...
  8. $$RICH$$

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    BUSINESS owner

    I believe in us as a whole
    but yet we seem to have and hold
    can't understand why so bold

    But i believe ........true

    I can't help but cry the tears
    from the pain and sadly fears
    that so many yet pose cares
    of what we truely bares

    But i believe too

    For a change of a community few
    but if not collectively all else won't do
    slip and fall it's now our call
    before be all be outside these walls

    I still believe

    one day of our rise
    but the lack of came as an surprise
    from the tales and the lies
    my my my o' why !!!!

    But i still believe

    In a sister a Queen of gold
    for the workmanship her hands mold
    and open doors from the cold
    allowed all to play and stroll

    I believe

    In a Mothership of the night
    and the hardship of her fight
    yet she continues wit her might
    people it's not time to say goodnight

    I believe this community family

    they will become premiums wit this ralley
    or will we soon be in some alley
    wondering what happen to our caddy

    But i believe

    In hopes and dreams
    beyond the nightly hollow screams
    and writtings and other things
    that made us family / a community a team

    but now the ball bouncing cross the place
    that has my mind in deep dis-may
    to hear our sister speech in display
    from our departed un-bonded trace

    But i still believe in this community

    Destee keep your head up high
    somehow someway we will rise
    get beyond these cloudy skies

    sister i know the weight you bare
    and the love of your heart that cares
    and the hurt & pain that's not fare
    leave me to wonder / look & stare

    I know time is ticking fast
    and will the community truely last
    or will this come to a past
    but don't ring da alarm or break da glass

    Mother Queen your pain is felt deeply
    by the many who love u sweetly
    but collectively we still not freely

    No matter what may come
    rain snow or deadly sun
    i will stand beside you to the end
    this how true friends loyality bend

    I feel you and i believe
    yet we still face such tight squeeze
    so people people please please !!!
    have faith give don't tease
    release come out such deep freeze

    Destee yes i still believe

    ((((LIGHTS NOT OUT YET ))))
  9. truetothecause

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
    Bringing to Life .the Spoken Word


    I wanted to Say it
    Loud and Clear
    I wanted to have you
    Hear and Feel M.E., I have no fear

    Mama Destee inspire's M.E.
    She pushes and encourages
    She brings out the best
    Allowing me to come forward, for all the world to SEE

    This is what I heard, and this is what I felt
    It truly made my Heart thus melt

  10. HODEE

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    (RF) Technician
    ( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
    Destee I love your flow!

    That was beautiful Truetothecause

    Destee's flow read by you flows even better than when I read it. You brought out levels of emotion she pinned. I have heard Maya Angeluo and you took this is up there with her greatest.

    Destee.. you know I support you. Maybe those who would like to support you do not have paypal accounts and need another avenue. Those who would like to send something, could use the mail in route. Destee I know a P.O. Box cost, let me know what it cost and I will pay for a year.

    I believe in you and this community!