Black Poetry : I am!

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    I am the sophisticated
    Highly regarded originated
    Sometimes unjustly discriminated
    I give new meaning to the word innovative
    I am the first and last being ever created
    Mother to all mankind
    I breathe life into all things living
    In me God has planted his ever-fertile seed
    I am his most praised work of art
    My lines are more intricate than an architect’s design
    I am beauty defined
    I am creative
    I am the first, the last, thought written
    On every page your eyes have read
    I am knowledge
    I gave birth to Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle
    I eat, breathe, and sleep genius
    I am man’s greatest gift
    I exist in, during and after every man’s fantasy
    I am your summer breeze
    I make you feel fine
    I massage your mind with optimistic dreams
    I am wild
    I am the tiger scratches on your back
    I am your choice drug
    I get you higher than Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown on crack
    (At the Bet awards)
    I am Love
    I give my heart to a nation infested by hate
    I put food on war torn, poverty stricken deprived, children’s plates
    I allow my wings to stretch wide enough to hug every mans soul
    I brighten days, I comfort dark nights, and I fill empty potholes
    I give innocence back
    The history of my existence is the greatest story ever told
    I am EVE,
    I bit the first apple that fell from Newton’s tree
    I am the beginning, the middle, and the end of everything
    Nothing is blessed with life without coming through me
    I am the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdaline, Mary Jane, and Mary had a little lamb,
    All rolled into one
    I am your daughter, your mother your sister and your wife
    I lead the way for all walks of life
    I am the original destiny’s child
    And I pay all my own bills,
    I leave frustrated minds beguiled
    Can you feel me?
    Let me break it down, I bring home the bacon,
    Fry it in a pan,
    And with one turn of my hips,
    Let you know I’m not a man
    I am Venus
    My light burns through the darkest night
    ****, you can’t see me
    I am the most mysterious creation that ever will be
    You can’t touch me, own me, destroy me, or figure me out
    The minute you have the slightest idea
    I change with a doubt
    Still the world would not survive without me
    With one sneeze I can cure world disease
    I am laughter
    My energy is more angelic than the swaying rhythm of trees
    I am every color of the rainbow
    The red, blue, orange, and the green
    I am music
    I am the melody that sticks in ya ear
    I am your favorite slow song
    Put me on repeat
    I’ll make love to you all night long
    I am the beat of your conga drum
    The rhythm of your native tongue
    That guitar that you strum
    The orchestra that you blend
    That message in a bottle you forgot to send
    The chorus that you sing
    The rap that you spit
    ****, I am ALL OF THAT!
    I am rhyme, reason, relation, and more global than cellular communication
    I am the greatest contribution to the theory of evolution,
    I am magnificent, free flowing, all knowing
    If you have a problem I hold the solution
    I have more personalities, than a psyche ward mental institution
    I am the light,
    In that dark alley way past midnight,
    ****, I shine through bright
    I am strength
    I am Harriet Tubman,
    I freed the slaves,
    I gave man hope,
    That even the deepest evil wouldn’t break
    I started the first revolution
    And didn’t stop and until I completed the mission
    I lead the first expedition
    There is no limit to my ambition
    I can’t be described by any dictionary definition
    I die fighting
    I change laws
    I survive battles
    I am Venus, and Serena
    I am your worst competition
    And believe me, there are no weak women here
    ****, have I made myself clear,
    I am the beginning the middle and the end
    Or all things far and near,
    I am serene
    I make all things possible
    I am your reigning Queen.
    And with all that I still can not be defined in the depths of any mind
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    Metro Detroit

    It was a pleasure reading all that you are!!!

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    most def ur all dat and some
    simply sweet to meet all that u r within
    welcome to da flowz of Destee's playground