Black Poetry : I Am

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    I am not just a name in a holy text,
    you see names daily,
    you see names nightly,
    what it boils down too,
    is that I am.

    I am not just a name,
    my pride does not stop in a book,
    I research myself constantly,
    see who is,
    I feel satisfied when,
    I am.

    I am you who contends,
    give your perception,
    let us all come together,
    shine brightly altogether,
    respect your boundary,
    I respect mine,
    the perfect solution,
    to unity,
    so shine your truth,
    and when the sun,
    and moon rotates,
    another vision is shun,
    let me be,
    I Am.

    trying my poetry out you know...non-confrontal.
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    I like your concept here and well said.

    And I especially enjoyed the highlighted part. Yes, our differences should not negate our unity on common ground.
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    Common ground of unity. If you are Hebrew then be it. If you are a Jew then be it. If you are Vodun then be it. If you are whatever then be it but realize this...whatever you put into your spirituality all comes into the children. So therefore the children relives every bit of us ten fold...and sometime even deeper as they perceive what "we" perceive as Mothers who are "suppose" to be "together". See we in America haven't caught on to it yet...and when I go Africa to see how "real motherhood and sisters work together regardless of religion and tribal tradition" which is the soul then I will educate anybody here in Athens, GA. Religion is your personal faith and not an all "push and indirect war subtly". Express yourself but realize other young wombmen and females are watching constantly here in America and so are the ones over there who are getting access to the internet more and more. They cleaning up the mess which was sloppy. It is the same stuff over there and is getting the point where if you "claim" something as a original person we put so much energy into it as an extreme we take that to the heart and brain as mental corruption though of course the emotions fueled it. The one thing I learned about astrology is this...the head is first which is Gemini aspect and it makes sense why he/she has all 13 personalities so you can know all and soul to "master mind"; it is called communication from the physical to the spiritual world and so much so much more in that aspect you have to "master mind" and the body will follow. Being a Pisces lets me understand it all deeply and "see to feel" through it all. Some stuff is a dream and some is a reality depending on the shallow and depth under the rotation of the moon and sun. Know thyself. I Am.
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    Lovely, every verse. Desert Storm
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    Thanks for that Sister Desert Storm. Part inspiration came from Bro. Shayheh cause he is raw with his expression and by the way which I have no idea where he is at cause I left messages on his profile. And the major part came from within me and my husband. Here is another one:

    I Am,
    from the bottom,
    to the top,
    I may dream,
    I may not,
    though I am still here,
    I Am.

    I Am,
    the encourager,
    the uplifter,
    the nurturer,
    the supporter,
    a leader,
    beside all Kings,
    and for all Kings,
    as warrioress,
    I Am.

    I Am,
    the first teacher,
    the last teacher,
    I correct my mistakes,
    not of pride,
    hiding behind lies,
    I put no brother down,
    I put no sister down,
    if I do then I apologize,
    cause in this war,
    we all we got,
    I have no time,
    to be a slave master,
    I have no time,
    to be funny when I am real,
    say what you want,
    criticize me when I am gone,
    but remember this...
    I Am.

    This is dedicated to all children, brothers, sisters, and let us unify. And this is especially dedicated to Bro. Shayheh after reading his website...the man came a long ways and is gifted with prophecy and sometime the universal forces just "push" you out to do what you suppose to as ALL is reasoned. And from the bottom of my heart this goes out to the young man who manhood is now lost due to female police brutality. Enough is enough. I'm feeling some type of way about a lot things now. But still keep it :weights::cardio:and :grouphug: and :). Hotep Shalom the muslim gretting too and any other way to peacefulness.

    BLAQ LOVE POURAHTREE Nefertum Husia Shayheh MEMBER

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    What's up?!?! Geah hitting you back to this check it....

    I'm coming up from dusk to dawn,
    straight relentless about my platoon,
    my platoon keep it marching,
    the intensity keep it thundering,
    i'm lightning striking quicker,
    seeking to even out my odds,
    I Am on guard at all times.

    The bass keeps it thumping,
    my ribs keep vibrating,
    i know no such thing as quit,
    i cannot die to be dusted and disgusted,
    there is no competition against no-one except my last times,
    eliminating war increasing peace showing my inner-self complete,
    Queen Nefertiti keep the justice pushing sailing our fleet,
    which is my heart treasured to keep pumping,
    Queen Nzinga told me i can't survive to build with no land,
    so i came up tactically braver intuitively fiercer,
    with nothing to lose metamorphing into invisibility,
    i see all things can be accomplished night and day,
    Queen Tubman showed me the way while they sleeping,
    i ain't worried about no enemies,
    i ain't worried about no time,
    i ain't worried about no holidays,
    all i know is virtue from dawn to dusk that's all i know,
    i got'ta keep moving and never stopping,
    i'm on fire this summer,
    i'm spiritually deeper uncontained formless out this winter,
    analyzing every fallen situation from top to bottom,
    i been there and done that sown i'm spring rosy rose,
    around the world i diplomat for myself,
    i need no approval when speaking in your tongue,
    doing business wherever currency pays,
    i'm all about wealth versus riches any day,
    intelligence + wisdom + prophecy = precision concisely on target,
    i got my own culture with values,
    my hands are controlled by one brain activity,
    speak how it is,
    see where it is going,
    taste victory oncoming,
    touch every soulful epitome while zoning,
    hear life whispering a song called rise fallen,
    i am pumped up without bad arrogance and bad ignorance,
    oversee my destiny like the great raptor eagle owl perched high,
    keep myself marching invincibly like the almighty bulldog ant,
    slide through day and night on land as the royal king cobra,
    swimming through my dreams in reality as the hammerhead shark,
    i am highly active day and night like the sea snake on point,
    art my annals continuously without fame,
    producing my own mathematics and science,
    psychological written untamed mastered mind,
    keep the peace intelligently,
    keep myself underground perceptively,
    no-body is down so i soar highest for myself consciously,
    wearing my own fashion of education,
    studying sustainability to establish an ecology,
    with natural resource endowment on piedmont rock,
    keeping information technological proficient,
    building my world wide web network in a city,
    a small niche in every land mass of every continent,
    within seven poor neighborhood needs uplifting and i got solutions,
    no need to be a ruler as all is equal,
    do away with the palace economy,
    do away with the command economy,
    no war on mine as a domestic threat i can never be,
    cause i have no nation to be ruling over,
    people rule over themselves until and after my earthly death,
    we share imports and exports together,
    need no flag or nationality nor color,
    i came up with a language undecipherable,
    drawn written as categorize logogram calligraphy,
    i got the key and never giving it away,
    i got my institution block for block,
    receiving more certifications and degrees as time goes bye,
    mastering my mind and not wasting time,
    putting forth the energy as a legal system I as Me,
    i recognize common, religion, natural, positive laws,
    i got books on international law and pursuing it too,
    respecting these religions which are tied into laws as cultures,
    on surface i got no ego to be battling as unity does not exist,
    never will it be among colors and nationalities as eyes do not lie,
    it is just me by myself representing doing my mission i was sent,
    to do stomping on doubling-up with force creating a currency in the near future,
    let you perceive me as you want while i think as i will,
    slowly but surely starting with all arts is the key cause no annals,
    means no culture as i am great in my own way without fame once again,
    representing my name vibrating into myself to the neverending depths,
    producing my music universally i found soul greater than emotion I AM...
    echoing across the canyons valleys and hills spoken I AM...
    the Universe said I AM.

    Geah. Sun about to come-up.