Chief Elder Osiris : I Am What I Am, Not Who I Am!!!

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    I Am What I Am, Not Who I Am!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Will Hear You.

    Of All The People In The Universe, Who Is It That Have Been Made To Scoff At Universal Mysteries, Yet Want to Be viewed As Intelligent people?

    Solve the riddle here and religion will no longer be appealing to you.

    Your Life is the most important action to you living, and your living condition is depended upon your life, and your life should be guided by your Divine Mind, subject to your intuitive self.

    The Soul being the Essence of the intuitive self, and that Divine self being the Essence to the Divine mind of the Physical self.

    So, it is your Mind that determine the quality of life you will live in this world.

    So, a Mind that is not calibrated to Think and reason Divinely, is a Mind that is looking for somebody else to tell it who you are.

    So, to accept such instruction, only have you to believe who you are and not know what you are, making you to wonder who I Am, rather that to know what I Am, a difference that now keep Black people from knowing Thyself.

    Our Ancient Divine Ancestors, they who knew what they were in the scheme of life, it being of relationship to the Body structure, which make it extremely important for you to know what you are.

    Because to know what I Am, leads me to know who I Am, because to know what I Am, require for me to Think and not believe about myself.

    Black woman and Man, you can not begin to know and Understand that supreme deity you been told is God, because you are without knowledge of what the Divine Essence Is.

    You have been told to only believe in that religious God you have been told about, that god which Lucifer created for you, and now have you to believe, that God you been told to believe in is real, and such a belief will have you to believe who you are, and not what you are.

    Believing who you are, block you from knowing what you are, and such a belief demand that you have faith and hope, such have you to believe that which you are believing about the god of religion is true, but that which have you believing things about your self, is the devil that have you to know nothing about about your self.

    So, it is not about who you are, it is about what you are, and you get to know what you are,, and what your strength is against the evil in the world that is attacking the Black Mind.

    Therefore the mystery is, why the need to get to know thyself?

    It is that knowledge that will have you to know what and who you are, a realm where Divine Truth and Reality reside, in the vineyard of Freedom of thought..

    So, it is about What I Am and not who I Am, and what I Am, is no more than what has caused me to be who I Am.

    So, I Am Of That I Am, and I Am, is the Divine Essence of Energy Intelligence, that which is Eternal Everlasting Infinite, in its state of Divine Existence.

    Know what you are and you will know why you are who you are, and the life of what I Am, is guided by the Mind that is associated to what I Am, and it is the Mind attributes that reveal who I Am.

    Mind is Thought and Reason, Divinely, or profanely, depend on who is using it, Divine is being in Harmony, Order, and Balance with rational and Logical practice to use infinite Divine Reasoning.

    So, when using the Divine Energy to reach conclusions about those things and events that affect who I Am, will have you to be on the path of Divine Truth and Reality, the only mental path required for you to travel, in order to know of those things and events that become a part of life exposed, either Divinely or profanely, each action being the opposite to the other.

    What I Am, is All I Am, embodied in the Divine Essence, having been made to be what I Am.

    Therefore, not to be that which I Am, have me to be a stranger to who I Am, and such acquired ignorance, is what have Black people wanting to be who we are not, which serve to be a weakness to the mental process of a mind that lack the desire to Think Divinely, which come from knowing what have me to know what I Am.

    Life is much more than who you have been made to be, it is an intangible action which is connected to the tangible ingredients, that beloved, is what have you to be what you are, and not being who, but what I Am.

    The Divine Essence is the not physical reality of the I Am That I Am, and to know what I Am is to the I Am That I Am, require for you to know and understand Why I Am What I Am, and not who I Am made to be, which is what I Am not.

    By the way, Black people now believe and not know the Divine Being connection to That Which I Am That I Am, It is what it is, Divine Eternal Everlasting Infinite truth and Reality, the stuff Freedom and Independence is the result of, and Reparation being its major relative to our Enslaved Ancestors, which allow me to know what I Am, that extend beyond who I Am.

    Such is the knowledge lost that verified the deification of the Spirituality concerning the supreme deity, the Divine Eternal Everlasting Infinite I Am That I Am, which is Infinite Darkness, that which manifest Infinity, rotating and revolving to be Space Time Continuum, The I Am That I Am Of us All.

    What Time Is It?

    Well, It Is The Time For Enlightenment, its foundation is that of Divine Spirituality and not religious belief.

    Divine Knowledge come from the source of Divine Energy Intelligence, such teaching escape the mind of the profane believer.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
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