Black Poetry : I Am The Omega Of The Alpha

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    I Am The Omega Of The Alpha

    I am the Omega of the Alpha
    I am black.
    I am the legacy of black pride,
    I the messenger of the highest King
    I sing the Psalms loud
    I have been a place where no man shall go;
    I have walked the earth, and at the same time
    Walk the heavens in the spirit of the highest son
    But yet I carry the scars of a warrior,
    I have died and return under the banner
    Of black hope swinging in the words
    Of the Omega black pride. I was born free and I will die free.
    For, I will, I must, I can, I shall break free.

    I am ringing worlds on high:
    I am the thought of the freedom bell
    Through the treading mills,
    I am the soul of de' black clay
    Molded in the image of thy God,
    The blood of thy son, and the son of sons
    My language is in the script of the black book
    The soul that stands before the altar,
    I shall walk through the fire, as my brothers
    As I,
    I am the blue print of the alpha and Omega
    The asthmatic black stroll, to do or to die
    I sing the psalms I the righteousness
    Of the sanctuary of great men;

    I have wore the sores of the black barked tree
    I'm curling from the sod from redemption,

    I am the rainbow home to God.
    I am the Omega king
    I am black.

    I come in the black smoke train
    I am black the virgin clay of house.
    I am the grieving of the secrets of the dead,
    Broken hearts of the infuriating scorns
    Of my eipher melon skin, the green
    Robe that covers me from the shallow greed of man;

    Down I look lower to the earth
    High I look upon the trebling skies,
    I the black virgin clay
    The intimacy of the Alpha Omega

    wreathing broken hearts,
    I am sheathing of the image
    trust, the devils house of blasphemy discuss
    chains that held the virgin clay, the tombs
    of the devils' house;

    No chains can hold the omega virgin clay
    No words can take the infinity of the blue
    Prints of the over lamed satin clay,
    Blood shall always run, my history
    Cannot be killed in the countless place
    Of the devil ground;

    I am carved from the virgin clay;
    Seamed with veins of holding clay
    Carved from the image of de' almighty God
    Simulated streams the Omega
    Trolling mill of eternity the psalms
    of the black Omega I am black.

    Dark inspiration of iron times,
    Wedding the toil of toiling climes
    Shedding the blood of bloodless crimes,
    Down I lower in the blue,
    Up I tower toward the true,

    I am the Omega king,
    I am black.
    I am the sparring clay of black dust
    That is molded into the virgin
    Omega dust I am black.

    I am the hated and the wrong
    I am the stolen legacy man take arms,
    I am the Omega that can't be killing,
    I am the resurrection from the burning hell
    But yet I continue to return
    The off spring of Omega from the living Queen;
    Soul unto me , Hell to the Omega as the Alpha in the night.