Black Poetry : I Am That Which I Call Myself, I Am A Man

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    In the Beginning I was known as Man
    Only to be renamed, by my children
    Respect for me they showed, but that was then
    Originally they called me Night
    The absorber of light
    I Accepted this as a compliment of my beauty, glory and color
    See with nocturnal darkness strength is replenished by the inevitable slumber.
    Till the hour number reached beyond seven
    And luminaries shine our region from the heavens.
    Which brings forth the second day
    Great grandchildren my heart impale
    Trying to ridicule my color, yet they're the ones who are pale.
    And they say Parents just don't understand?
    It's your parents who knew the original man.
    I see you rename yourself European, call me African
    I though am still just a man.
    You no longer see me as the beauty of the night
    You only look at me with dread and fright
    Still you are my kin in my heart…you must have some means to be blessed
    Even though you cause persecution and stress…
    Another awakening the third day
    Long way since creations dawn
    Tribes and nations I've spawned
    African, Indian, Asian, European
    Different hues of skin but all akin
    Somehow you forgot how it all began
    And fail to recognize you too are just man.
    While world expansions advances faster than rifle triggers
    I am now hated and called N!
    Enslaved, whipped beaten, Tarred and feathered because of my hue
    Keep lying to yourself the truth is you're from me. I'm not from you.
    When you kill, you're Killing your father, and when you rape you're
    raping your mother
    Need I go any further?
    I am treated as less than what I am
    What are you if I'm the one called ignorant?
    Evening rebirth starting of the fourth day
    Now I'm called darkie and colored
    No longer called N! to my face
    Some have adopted Black as a name of a race
    But black is a color not a name of a people.
    If a name I were to take for myself
    It would not be black or brown, but something which denotes my
    spiritual wealth.
    I am a child of the sun I'm of the melanation understand
    I am that which I call myself, I am a man.
    Today Dawn begins the fifth day
    The fifth day two days short of seven
    The rest day of the eternal one in heaven
    What we have seen on this day
    Could make men without faith pray
    Terrorism, wars, in my mind calculates
    Beyond the feeling of Hate
    Beyond the feelings of Rage
    Maybe the sixth day will turn the page
    Of the book, the chapter of ignorance, of intolerance
    Till we reach the seventh day, peace among nation perfection and acceptance
    But right now I see my children drinking ignorance as a shot of rum
    in a glass jigger
    The name hated, and given in hate now acceptable to refer to ones
    self as n!
    Niggorant begets niggorance dyslexic acceptance
    If we can get beyond these days maybe we'll all have a chance
    To once again be called just a man
    To be called just a man.
    To be called a man.