Black Poetry : I am so glad

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    So glad I'm over me
    Me being who I thought I was
    A hidden gem waiting to be found
    Right here
    Up under my fingers
    This popyrus upon which I write.
    It's been folded
    Each word walked upon
    Felt rolled over
    And wore again & again
    All over
    I'm so glad
    I no longer wonder
    And I can finally see myself
    For the bullshi**er I've became
    Known as
    A damp hands failure
    I was when
    All my pages were blank once
    But now filled with nothing but Hell.
    I can not
    Rewrite my past
    Only go forward
    Until all pages run out
    I'm so glad to have ended this so badly
    Animated yet stimulated in the real
    Back Front
    No more left life 4 me
    In this dream of being glad
    Yet I sound so sad written out.
    My somber reality of NOW
    Candeesweet 2016
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