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Apr 10, 2008
I’m so beautiful

I’m the epitome of beauty
Raised upon a pedestal for the whole world to see
Look at me…aren’t I pretty?

When I strut a million eyes are transfixed
My very presence defines the glory of womanhood
I grace the covers of every man magazine
Showcased as Miss Universe no matter who really wins
Look at me…aren’t I pretty?

Tossing my hair constantly because the gel I use is not enough
I need to play in it
Remind others theirs is not as fine and stringy as mine
The most expensive shampoos grace this mane
My face
My face…
A thin line defined as my mouth is dreamily pursued
Every breed of man wishes to kiss them
They are perfect
So am I
Aren’t I pretty?

These eyes are the color of the deepest blue sea
My nose is narrow and utterly perfect
Strolling with confidence I am irresistible
The black man loves me
Look at me…aren’t I pretty?

Flawless model I am
Victoria’s Secret was created for me
The very definition of anorexia
I got the world thinking to be a size nothing is
The standard of what it is to be so **** beautiful
Look at me…aren’t I pretty?

This tan was a gift by way of sunburn
Maybe I ultraviolet-ed myself too long
I am so **** beautiful
The whole earth’s male population wants me as Queen
Who cares that I have brought down many of those in power?
A piece of my essence was worth it
Oh what a joy to breathe the me when I meet water
The smell is unmistakable
Like the sweetest pork
Look at me…aren’t I pretty?

The real Queen can’t compete
Too argumentative
Too feisty
Too regal
Her men chase me
Am very submissive
Do whatever will please the God
No matter how much I am degraded
I will continue on until the other woman has faded…
Aren’t I here to do as man says?
Look at me…aren’t I pretty?

My conclusion is…
My appearance is no delusion and…
Although I may always cause confusion
There are absolutely no illusions

I am beautiful
I have a secret
There is collagen in my lips
I conjure up ways to expand my hips
I work out because I want a Queenly figure
Go figure
I am beautiful

Look at me…aren’t I pretty?

George M - ©2006 All Rights Reserved


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