Black Poetry : I am she (working title)


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Apr 2, 2001
I am the she
in which you turned
the one you shared your
hope and dreams

I am the she
you never said
I love you to
the she whom
you walked on

I am the she
that stayed
through thick
and thin
the one you
could depend

I am the she in
which you violently
choked the life
the she they found
on the floor body

I was the she that
fell for your ticks
I am the she that
will no longer
put up with your

©UbZoRbShUn, 2001

*Brothas and Sistas, be it physical or emotional no one has to put up with abuse. If you can't love yourself then how in the hell can anyone else. Self love yall. Don't be taken for a loop*
beautifully said...

i've often wondered why people put up with such my investigation, i've found that the most prevalent reason for staying is fear--fear of being killed; fear of family members being killed; fear of being out there on their own coz they've been conditioned to think that they can't make it...will never have anything or anyone in their life because they're useless.

how someone can convince another that they're useless is beyond me...but i haven't walked in their shoes. i've learned that we all have different threshold levels for dealing with adversity. where my level {might} be high, another person's might be low...therefore, what bother's them may not affect me in the same way.

you can't judge a person for their justification for doing things. you have to accept them for who they are and hope that things get better for them.


I've been here and it's not a good place to be. I can't say that I left him after the second time, but I let him know that there wouldn't be a next time and exactly what would happen to him if he tried. He never touched me again after that.:)

Most improtantly, I learned that I loved him more than myself and that's why I allowed him to get away with physically abusing me the first and second times.

I love myself so much now that if you speak to me in a way that isn't respectable, there is NO chance for romance or even friendship for that matter. Just put a brotha in his place yesterday! :D
Fri and baller

yall all up in my KWU on this one. Part of the reason too is once a person shows that weakness it's open season. I can't tell yall (and yall might know too) how many men (yes) and women I encounter on the regular that share with me the abuse they have gone through or are currently in. I only hope that I can be an instrument to them and give them the courage and positivety they so truly need.

Fri, sis I'm glad you got the courage to love yoself and put brotha in check and you still puttin' there.



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