Black Poetry : I Am Old Enough To Dye Freedom Among The Free

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    I Am Old Enough To Dye
    Freedom Among The Free

    During the duration of ancestors,
    through the mighty pen, the
    ancestors wrote about the life as a slave,
    it is un fortunate that we as a people
    Continue to sing the same songs.
    Through time we continue to accept
    the negative fertilities of wanting to be
    slaves, nevertheless freedom has
    already been given through God,
    such a catastrophe we continue
    to teach our children, that they
    are less than a people, by feeding
    them with toxins, that they shall
    continue to fight for freedom,
    freedom was
    Came with the proclamation of life,
    pain that continues to flow threw
    the blood stream, assist to human
    mental suicide, views of who and what is the black man?

    Nevertheless, our ancestors felt the crack
    of the whip, they continue to write the
    words of freedom and fought that man
    would no longer, emancipate the theory
    of them being slaves, Harriet Tubman,
    Soldier Truth, Phillis Wheatley, poems
    in which they continued to up lift the
    Negro’s in a time of slavery, bitterly
    pleads for freedom from slavery.

    "Aint I A Woman"

    Almighty power of the pen, victory of
    the spoken words, Spirituality,
    the blue print of survival, believing
    in one God, poetry was for the
    cause of abolition and freedom,
    a will to live, under all odds, dignity
    without cowardly conformity, poetry
    was dedicated to slavery and its abomin
    able practices and abuse.

    Paul Laurence Dunbar black prodigy, and many
    Successful black poets and educators,
    Did not live through the eyes of being
    a slave, they educated themselves, to deliver
    Those who were caught up in self-hatred, In
    this world order, symbolic images, of the past,
    man who refuse to break the chains, the rotten roots of life.
    Self-death assisted, through the tunnel vise mind.

    "I Am Old Enough To Dye"

    During the days of slavery, our ancestors
    educated themselves, in a new arena of
    thought, man continues to cry, freedom
    when man refuse to motivate and educate
    their own, understanding the struggles
    of our ancestors was a heritage, not a
    death, it taught that man can be the
    great man he is, with education, spirituality,
    motivation, faith, unity
    A true soldier in Gods army, To be a
    woman the obligation to our roots, is
    to educate the emancipation freedom
    of the mind, if we continue to teach
    our children that they can not function
    in society, they will continue to live
    through the televise mind of destruction.

    To be a productive citizen of ; we must
    teach our children accountability to self
    is a major objective, there are know chains
    that bound our children to education.
    Many role models who have
    demonstrated this as a fact.

    To live in a mind of slavery man is already dead.

    I visit, through illusions,
    I am the spirit,
    without form, I have felt the pain,
    of enslaved nations,
    I had to dye to relieve your pain,
    the redeemed of change,
    the light the entrustment for rebirth

    Conventional Understandings,
    no power over God’s house,
    the creation designated for rebirth.

    Holy dwelling,
    until eternity of eternities.
    Spirits of thoughts, to comfort great
    Meditation the sanctuary of thought,

    The spirits flow through the Universe,
    Thou shall never be lost.
    Sanctify all the beginnings,
    To the rightful place,

    The honor, which we give to God.
    The turning of life, the beginning of death,
    the resurrection of the soul, has now taken place.

    Through the evolution of eyes that looks through a transplant
    window that no one can see.
    Courage that is hidden in a box without an opening
    are without and end.
    A color that no one can see.
    Formulations of transparent dust.
    yesterday blends with tomorrow
    and the reflections slowly fade away
    revealing the changes of passing time

    No heritage that relates to the living are the past.
    Reluctant of who the commentary of the lost.
    Like doctor Jackal and Mr. Hyde
    Seductions of the colorless shades
    Of seminarians Coleus orated .
    Cobwebs from the consistent,
    Darken corners continue to gather dust

    Stain glass windows without reflections
    No image that precedes unwise of the
    Symbolic sources that cannot be seen.
    Obscene suggestions of who is and who could it be.
    Life that lives within the sources of the spirit
    Formations that has no deliverance
    Darken through florescence of lights
    A color that has no reflection within
    the morning and night.​
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    tru dat ..........well said another masterful piece sis....
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    i would love to hear this as a spoken word. Nice piece

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    Thank you Prize working on Cd