Black People : I Am Not All I Need To Be

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
I am Not All I Need To Be

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

How can I be all that I need to be
Black Afrikans having no desire
to be Free, how can that be, it's no
good for you and me.

Babies being killed before can be born
and now Man, getting up running all around
being careful and not making a sound.

Silent is not what Black Folks need, hey
Black Woman and Man get up off of your

Trouble is all around, peace nowhere to be
found, Black folks seemly stuck in acting
a clown, Mind no longer wearing the Divine

There is nobody to come to save you from
your self, a failure to do for self, surely will
be the cause of your Death.

My, what evidence I am not all I need to be,
Looking all the time and can't see, what is it
that I need to be, Black Afrikans don't have
our behind on being free.

The Universe is as it is to be, regardless of
you and me, on the way to having a stroke,
so full of jokes, you and me, my how can
that be.

The bible serves you not in any Divine
degree, Religion is hurting you and me,
don't you see, hell how can that be, I
pray seven times a day on bending the
knee, Black Afrikans don't give a ****
About being free.

The religious God that be, is Lucifer don't
you see, Jesus he is, floating in your mind,
profane it is, you don't mine, a fool I been
made to be all the time.

I am not all I need to be, being religious is
not going to set me free, hell I got Jesus
that is the way it supposes to be, for you
and me, don't you see.

I am not all I need to be, stuck in religion,
the bible and me, the Divine Truth is arising
in my Divine Mind to be, a believer I am not,
they can't see, Divine Truth and Reality I
rather walk that block to become free.

I am not all I need to be, the bible and
religion got ahold of me, my mind is
not free and my spirit can't be, not as
long as I carry that bible I can't see,
that is what causes me, not to be free.
staying on bended knee.

Freedom must be my goal, Justice
Street paved with Gold, Independence
all of the Time, it must be our finished

Reparation/Repatriation, it's what needed
to become free, without it, I am not what
I need to be, free and in Afrika is where
I need to be, with the bible and religion
we need not, it is what served to be our
stumbling block!!!

Divine Respect
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