Chief Elder Osiris : I Am Declaring War Against Black Deceiving Leadership

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    I Am Declaring War Against Black Deceiving Leadership :idea:

    Hoteph beloved sisters and Brothers:

    I am not one that seek your support, your approval, your accolades or how ever we peddle our Mind to those so call Black leaders, my drive, my commitment is to the Divine Truth and Reality, concerning those things pertaining to our Black Life, while on this physical level of living.

    When you know and understand what cause Black people to act and behave as we do, then what ever Black people reaction to the Divine Truth is, it become no surprise to me if it is a behavior of ineptness and disrespect for information that is shared with our people and it reveal how misinformed we are and who it is that is contributing to such misguided information, they that are masquerading around as being Good for the Life of Black people and the culprits leading such a parade of Lies and Deception, happen to be the Leadership of Black People, regardless of where we are located on this planet.

    Take a look at the Condition of Black people, I mean look at the Mental state we exhibit in the world and tell me that you do not notice anything wrong with the condition of Black Folks Lives and behavior, in this world, and you tell me that such passive and inactive attitude and behavior we show about our present living condition is not directly tied to those Buffoons calling themselves our Leaders, as they yet to have a creative thought that will motivate Black folks to rise up and declare that they will no longer Live our Life as we are living it as I speak anymore, meaning Black folks must reject every so call Black Leader that is now claiming to be acting and speaking in our behalf, because their words of claim, contradict our life living condition.

    Whose Life benefit from the action of our so call Black Leaders action, most certainly not the Rank and File of Black Folks in this world, so, is it logical to say that the present day Black Leadership is the Major exploiters of Black Folk Lives today and that their action in the name of Black Leadership, only benefit the life of the so call Black leaders and those that are closely associated to them, and all else of us Black people in this world, be Damned, assigned to live a stressful and Hellish Life on this planet, under the presence of the so call Black Leadership making such a claim over you today ?

    Yes, yes, I will declare war against the present so call Black Leadership, a pitiful and ridiculous bunch they are, never saying anything nor acting in such a way to motivate Black people, so that we may rise up from under this Yoke that has been placed around our neck and it is choking the life out of us, as we are told by the Black Ministry of Lies, to hold fast and keep the faith, and pray that we go to Heaven so our Life will be lived better than it is being lived on this planet call earth, and you Black Woman and Man, has the audacity to honor and praise those Buffoons who do nothing to make your Life Joyful and Peaceful, with the Freedom and Independence to make decision for your own Life Living condition on this planet Earth.

    How can you Black People worship such an incapable group claiming to be your Black Leaders, when you see the condition of Afrika and the People in Afrika and else where in the world, living aswe do, why are you who worship these Buffoons do not demand that they honor the Call for Reparation and our Right to return Home as a New State in Afrika if that is our Desire, Why, do you know by our silence, we give off the impression we are consenting to the attitude and behavior of those parading around as our Black Leaders, having not one Thing that is unique and different to say to you that you have not heard before, coming from our oppressors, the Black leadership, no doubt receive their instruction from those that cause our life affliction, as for what it is they are to teach and influence us about, concerning the World events that affect the Life of Black people, also.

    The present Black Leadership benefit off of the Black oppressive Life condition in the world, they get their well receive standing from those calling themselves Human Beings, those that have already confessed to be Liars and Deceivers and have proven to us Black Folks that they are proud and serious of their attitude and behavior so demonstrated toward Black People, calling ourselves Afrikans, and there is the Black so call Leadership, acting as copy-cats of the Human Being behavior, as the Black Leadership express such toward Black people, proof, observe the life condition of Black People.

    The Black so call Afrikans in Afrika, Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, the Antarctica, none have the privilege to be led by profound and Divine Black Leadership, and you tell me there need not to be a war declared against such a trifling Group of so call Black Leaders, claiming to have our black Life interest in a wicked Human Being Mind and it is the cause of such a Mind that have the Black Nation scattered and Divided, suffering under the exploiters of Black People in the World by Black Leadership.

    Beloved, it is now Time for Black people to be exposed to the divine Truth, therefore to our Divine Cosmic Black First Way Ancient Ancestors, in which all Divine Information reside, that is pertaining to the Life of Black people and about God and the Universe, and we are deserving to know of such Divine Information, which will serve to bring about the Resurrection of a Dying Black Divided Nation.

    I will fight this fight against a deceiving Black Leadership alone if need be, because my desire is to see Afrika belonging to the Afrikan again and a once Divine Nation to retake their seat upon the Divine Throne of Divine Information, food that will assure and secure the Greater Good of Living for the Black Life on this Planet.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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    Hotep BaBa...

    YOU are NOT alone....Others are asking the same
    questions (and even waging the Same WAR.)


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    betwixt and between
    Beloved Chief Elder Osiris ... i am with you! :love:

    It would be wonderful to hear you elaborate on this topic during one of your classes.

    Much Love and Peace.