Black Poetry : I Am A Virgin

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    “I am a virgin.”
    As soon as these words tumble from between my teeth
    The entire dynamic of our relationship changes
    The dashing gentleman I once knew….disappears

    “A virgin?”
    They spit the word out as if the thought scorches their minds
    The pain of purity pierces the mind
    It’s boggling to a man that had “Money Over *******” tattooed on the brain,
    To conceive that there has been a real woman since Eve walked this earth
    And even she managed to play Adam
    He was used to a girl that was so focused on whether her overpriced weave looked good
    That she forgot to check if she completely covered her *** before she left the house
    And that’s just not me

    “So what? You scared or something?”
    No, I’m not scared
    It’s not that thought of you tearing me apart,
    Violently thrusting into me until I bleed that scares me
    It’s you breaking open my heart
    Reducing its bold beating to a silent murmur
    It takes time and money to repair a broken heart
    And we’re in a recession
    If I’m to contend with the current economy I have to know that you’re worth it
    I’m afraid of getting pregnant
    I’m afraid of losing freedom, losing my youth…
    Losing my perfect figure
    I’m scared of having a daughter with your last name
    A man…
    A boy who’s too attention deficit to notice he’s added his daughter to the long list of women he’s screwed
    I’m terrified to have a child with someone that’s too wrapped up in himself
    To wrap himself up
    But I’m not scared of sex

    “So then, what are you waiting for?”
    I wouldn’t be able to handle casual intercourse
    Make love to my mind before you meet my body
    Caress my mental folds
    Burying yourself in them until you can’t find your way out
    I want to reminisce about our conversations with midnight
    When I raised your eyebrows, not your loins
    And got the head you think with excited
    Can you push aside the curtains of the windows to my soul when you stare into my eyes,
    Go galavanting to the galaxies contained in my imagination,
    Take a swim in my stream of consciousness,
    Pull out the diamond of invention and propose to become engaged to my every thought,
    Until you can become as knowledgeable as my conscious and tell me I’m right even when my self-conscious disagrees?
    No? I didn’t think so.
    I just want someone who will notice that I have a small dimple in my right cheek when I smile
    That I get jittery when I’m scared
    To notice when I cry
    I don’t think you’ve even opened your eyes to see what’s above my neck

    “But, you know I won’t hurt you.”
    Really? How would I know?
    You’re so open and honest that you introduced yourself to me as E-Rock
    Your mother named you Eugene
    I know that every man is not the next
    But what makes you different from the other panty hoppers that promised me the same?
    I have entrusted myself in the clumsy hands of a master of deception one time too many
    And I have no more naiveté left
    You can’t even find a belt that will keep your pants up when you walk down the street.
    You drop your obligations as quick as you drop your boxers
    And you want me to put my faith in you?
    I’m just as faithless as you are
    It’s time you left boyish things behind
    You lust after cotton candy haired barbies
    But I refuse to be your sex toy
    You’ll leave my head pounding
    Praying my heart would stop
    And your just not worth it​
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    i like the way how you put it down explaining that being a virgin has its plus. you are worthy of being a queen and stay that way.:qqb023:
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    Thank you! I think so many young girls have this conversation so many times and eventually forget how to reply so this is just a little reminder.