Chief Elder Osiris : I Am A Revolutionary Against Racism And All Of Its Attributes

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    I Am A Revolutionary Against Racism And All Of Its Attributes

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I make no apology for who I am and for whom I have been revealed to be and that is one who know who he is and of the Divinity of our Cosmic Ancient First Way Ancestors, those who first came this way to the Planet Tiamat, the earth planet upon which we now reside.

    A people who are not in the know of their Ancient Ancestors will have to depend upon those who tell you lies about who you truly are and from whence you come, you in your ignorance of self, will be of no good but to the liars who tell you what to believe about your self.

    A people ignorant of self is amenable to anything that is told to them to believe, not only about self, but about the God that have caused your self to be, you in the ignorance of self will not come to know of your relationship to the Universe and with such a monumental of self ignorance, it subject you to become the slave of those who tell you about your self, about the Divine Essence, (GOD) and about the Universe, and they who teach you such things, they are those that lie to have you to be ignorant about all that you Black people use to know and now believe about that you have come to not know, which is your self.

    How can a people who know nothing Truthful about self can know the importance of knowing about the Ancestors out from whom you did come to be the progeny of a Divine Genetic Universal Lineage.

    You who come from a people who knew the the existence of the Divine Essence and what It Is, they knew of both Universe and what relationship such is to the Divine Essence and they knew their relationship to such Divine Entities.

    Thus they were aware of the quality of Beings that which they were, which should cause you to reason, if you are the off sprang of Divinity and is of the Divine Essence and is a part of both Universe which is Divine, then that have you who carry such a Genetic link to such Divinity to be Divine Beings as well.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    If you are told the Divine Truth about who you truly are and that Truth verify that you are the descendants from that which is Divine, then your Mind that you carry will inform you of Divine information that you should know about, and such Divine knowledge will lead you to know that it is your Divine Ancient Ancestors that is deserving of all of the Honor and Glorious thoughts you are to have in your mental possession concerning them, which will be displayed by the Divine Spirit that you will express in life.

    So you see, a Mind that Think Divine can be nothing else but revolutionary against Racism, and such a Mind does not allow the Racist to define Racism for such a Divine Mind.

    So when you see and hear ignorant intelligent Black People with a calcified Mind, identifying Black People who refuse to be told how to deal with the Racism that is attacking the Mind of Black so call Afrikan People, Black people referring to the Black revolutionary Mind as being Racist, you just remind those Mental ill Black people just where they are and where they will remain, which is in the Hellish Mind of the Human Being, the Racist Oppressors of Black Afrikan People.

    To be Racial while expressing the proud of your Race, and you have a desire to keep your Race separate by the maintaining of your genealogy, that beloved is not an act of Racism but is an act to protect your Racial identity from Racism.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    The problem with Black Afrikan people who have been victims of Racism so long, is that Black folks who are victims of Racism, we do not know how to define Racism, and we apparently do not know what action constitute a Racist act, after all of these years being victimized by the Racist Prejudice Discrimination that have come and still is coming from the Racist element of White People, against Black people, we do not know how to adequately and Divinely define and identify the Racist elements among us on this planet.

    Hell yes President Carter is correct in his summation of the action being directed toward Obama and it is an act of Racial denial coming from the Obama administration, no doubt with the approval of Obama, he who refuse to acknowledge the Truth coming from a deceiving Prejudice Carter Mouth, identify Racism as being the cause for all of the action now being directed against Obama.

    Beloved, do you recall that I have shared with you the Sacredness and how Holy the issue of Reparation is, and how it is that Reparation serve as a litmus test to reveal the Racist element of White power in this evil world, and that Reparation will reveal the Traitors among us, those who are of the Black Race.

    So you see, I can not See President Carter for no more than what he is, even though I might agree with his assertion about his own circle of Evil people, stating that they are guilty of revealing their Racism in expressing their Mind about and toward Obama, not about what Obama political agenda is, Hell, they play that game all of the Time, regardless of which party is in the White House.

    So you must be able to see, in order to understand that which I am sharing with you, and that is, Obama by his presence in that White House has caused Racism to come from its Covert closet, and about President Carter, ask him his thoughts on Reparation and see the Real White Racist Man appear.

    There are many White people in authority that no doubt do charitable things to help the poor whom they cause to be, but such deeds come to naught if the issue of reparation is not resolved to the satisfaction of Divine Justice in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors, and it must be the children of those Enslaved Ancestors who must have the final say on Reparation resolve..

    You see, you can not get around the fact that Reparation is Sacred in its own Fact of Cause, and you can not discuss Reparation unless Race is the main topic of concern to be discussed, because Reparation represent our Enslaved Ancestors and our Enslaved Ancestors are Black Afrikan People.

    So, am I saying that, there are no White elements of meaningful authority that has Divinely repent for the action of Chattel Slavery and has become Honest about the debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors?

    What I am sharing with you is that I wait to see the first white person of meaningful authority to come forward and embrace Reparation in favor of our Enslaved Ancestors being entitle to what is Divinely Rightful theirs, which is the Reparation that they have Divinely earned.

    So Hell yes, I am a Revolutionary against Racism and because of that fact, I am a Descendant of my Enslaved Ancestors and that fact alone prevent me and my action from being an act of Racism, what it is though, is an act of Racial Pride that I show with Racial obedience toward our Enslaved Ancestors, and in being so, I Honor the Divinity Of Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors, they who shield and protect me from the evil that walk this planet, an Evil of all Race who have and do now participate in the oppression of Black people and the prevention of Justice to walk in the circle of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    I am including many members of the Black Race of such evil action against their own Blood, those of us who are motivated and guided by the ignorant intelligent Mind of the Racist Human Beings who are in Authority and is of this world, while many Black People are in this evil Racist world but is not a part of this Racist World, such is by our Will of Choice, as we are guided by our Divine Mind to be revolutionary against Racism.

    As long as I have been sharing with you, never have I given the impression that I am out to change the American System, never have I indicated a desire to over throw the American Government, my action have been to condemn the American system of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, advocating our Divine Right to Demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation for the purpose to give the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors the opportunity to have a choice of staying in America or to go back to Afrika as the nest established State in Afrika.

    Yet there are some black Afrikans who label such a desire to be racist, which serve to indicate and verify that Black Afrikans, even though been victims of Racism for so long, we do not know how to define Racism or what constitute a Racist act and what you must become to be qualified to be a Racist.

    Black people with all of our ignorant intelligence, operate with a calcified Mind, a mind that will not allow black people to have shame over the fact of our ignorance of our selves, and a people who are not in the know of who they are, happen to be people satisfied with what we have become, which is a willing traitor to the Black Race, taking instruction of how to behave from the very people who act out their Racist behavior toward Black People.

    So yes, I am a revolutionary against Racism and it is the Racist who cause the destruction of Black Afrikan Civilization, yet the calcified Minded Black Afrikan, you curl your selves upon the lap of the Racist oppressors, you become an echo of your oppressors as you level the Black Afrikan Revolutionary that is against Racism, to be what the black Afrikan is not qualified to be in this evil Racist controlled Evil World today, which is a Racist.

    To be full with Racial pride and to advocate Racial Separation for the sake to preserve the genealogy of your Race, such is not a Racist pride, but is one with pride of the Race with the genetic marking that verify your Racial identity, which is a natural act of Nature.

    To deny your Race is to condemn Nature and to assimilate your Race is to rebuke Nature, and such is a Racist act against Nature, when the will and choice is being influenced by the power of Racism, that which is expressed by the Racist in Authority and do control the world, such is what constitute a Racist act.

    So am I to be condemn for the Love I have for who I am, and for what Nature has designed for me to be?

    Is Loving your Race an act of Racism, or is it the Racial devotion you show for the Race that you are, Racist?

    Must I ignore the fact of our differences in the world of various ethnicity, in order to please the Racist Social construction of certain levels of a Society controlled by Racist authority?

    I rather be condemn for being the one that love and respect my Race than to be accepted as being the one that deny my Racial identity.

    Label such Love and Respect for self as I have, as you so will, but I will maintain the sanctity of my Blackness, over the Evil of assuming a false Racist identity.

    It is a calcified Mind that know not the value of knowing who you are, and it is such a calcified mind that lead Black people not to know the virtue in being Black and aware of the reason for your identity.

    I mush share with you that which is in the Divinity of the Universe, nothing happen by accident, there is a Divine Eternal Intelligence that reside in the bosom of Divine Infinity, the Existence that is without a beginning or an ending, that which is the cause for my Blackness, because Its Blackness is Eternal Infinite.

    Now, tell me, is such knowledge of self, Racist, or is it Divinely Racial, there is a difference in the two, do you know?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    to seek truth
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    I really respect you

    and your existence but u haven't given them what they need to face the Goddess Tiamut

    no one's tryin to reveal u

    i'm just not buyin what u shovelin because ur ego already caused me problems that i could have avoided

    lesson learned