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    My background was I interned in investment banking, worked in venture capital for 6 years, worked in mining as a teen, consulting and then started my own businesses.

    In venture capital I worked as an associate and vice president making over $10 million in capital injections into businesses and growing that portfolio from a value of $25 million to $350 million. While I cannot talk about the specific investments I made due to disclosure contracts (I can get sued and don't want calls from the SEC) I will answer any other question.

    Ask me anything about starting your own business as there is a real need for all blacks to become business owners, even if you have a full time job and you are happy with it, you never know when your white boss will turn on you, or your job will be sent to China, or they will bring in Indian h1-b visa workers or Mexican illegals to do your job at half price or it will be automated, downsized, or stolen by robots.

    We as a people have a serious need to start our own businesses. Businesses will redistribute income 10-15 times faster than a regular salaried position.

    Whites and non-africans on a whole do not like african american people, this is why we as a group are the first fired, last hired, and treated like dirt on the job. This is why we are the butt of jokes and they call us hurtful names, exclude us, marginalize us and exploit us.

    Whereas most business under-hire african americans even when they are overqualified, African American owned businesses (Especially female african american owned businesses) tend to hire anywhere from 75-90% of their workforce as other African Americans.

    1 common question I imagine I might get is what books should I read. Well there are a lot of good books. I like Dr. Boyce Watkins for someone just getting their feet wet. But if you had to put it to just 1 book, I'd say it is a tie between Powernomics by Dr. Claud Anderson and the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Both of these books are basically available on youtube free in audio formats. If you have extra time on your hands read Adam Smith Wealth of Nations and you'll see the labor issues of today haven't really changed much since his time. I think Black Labor White Wealth By Dr. Claud Anderson would be tied for number 2 with Adam Smith.

    Another question I might get is what about a business degree. I have one from one of top business schools in the world. They will teach you largely how fit into a large corporate enterprise and manage other people's businesses, alot of irrelevant theories, and most of the professors have never attained any meaningful success in the business world, but not very much on how to build your own large business from scratch is covered. However, if you are already in business school, focus on marketing and branding and learn sales, as most CEO's historically are picked from a sales background or marketing background.

    Also it gives you the chance to screw your racist white company if they are racist too you by taking their major accounts and walking off with them.

    Another question I might get is how do I start, or I don't know what to start in. Starting a business is like being an artist, you need some inspiration. Go travel, go read alot, go out and see what people are doing in other parts of the world, city, country, etc. Look where there is some need that is being filled that is not being filled where you are or vice versa. Your product doesn't have to be sexy to make lots of money.

    For instance, do you live in a small town. Ok, well what doesn't your small town have that a big city has? Would enough people in your county like to have that too? Well build it! But before you build it, you have to make sure there is interest. And interest is people paying money up front (like kickstarter) for the product. Everyone says yeah I'd be interested but getting money is another matter. I know a Trinidadian girl who went to Australia on exchange, saw that Australia lacks good designer bikinis and she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just selling bikinis on a beach in Australia and she has these huts all over the country she sells bikinis out of.

    She saw the need/opportunity, people want to look good, filled it with goods and makes money. Its funny because they cost her like $4 to make but she sells them for like $125.
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