Black Poetry : I’ve been in here like an engineer devastate brains and accelerate trains


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May 11, 2006
I’ve been in here like an engineer devastate brains and accelerate trains
When I turn on more power and take a hardcore shower leaving stains
In bathtubs but this path is loved by success go to the club jest to
Pull chicks quick wit sick love rap one hug can trap them so I do
What I do feel me? So I have fun online, get sunshine and fresh air
Now my attitude is stealth it improved my health, thirst to test a pair
Of converse now shoot hoop with a group of brutes that I slam-dunk
On yall when they try talk junk and all, punks stall as **** chumps
This is true and hot and I do not abuse my privilege with loud talk
In a library of devastation but try carry an education and a proud walk
Up out of here no doubt fear being below average make me cower
Ten nations face inflation trying to tower without buying power
This effect a change, must correct the strange behavior that tower
The population as the stock market in shock rocket out of control
And no doubt sold products with odd results, now prices on a roll
So look the cost is low to put on a false show there’s a soft glow
From my bedroom lamp gives light to revamp and improve flow
My groove slow like molasses go to classes and it speed up on me
Now it accelerates devastates and elevates each time I levitate and see
The sky so I be fly like RHODAN FROM JAPAN got giant wings
And a pint of bling so things went well and like DENTZEL KING
KONG ain’t got nothing on me ask JESSICA LANGE like VENESSA
I’m out of range to be crowned MISS AMERICA but god bless her
Shook in NEW YORK, took the true cork out my bottle eyesight blur
Got class on the street and last week went to Wal-Mart ready to make
A tall start and it was closed dang not supposed to be check watch not late
Because not even a wise thug can organize love so girls be surprised
At the club so I rub their thighs with gloves on one hand I realize
Like MICHAEL JACKSON chicks are loving this, I found out restricted
Pies are like convicted spies they all locked up my pot luck is predicted
This could be a sweaty feast with a steady increase of love talk, flaws
In a path of static have to use the laws of mathematic but must pause
For a minute cause I can be up in it with the right words tonight absurd
With the love, girls hot and flirting but not certain about what they heard
I dream much for a queen I search and as far as this car jazz the top is dropped
Try remain at the tiptop with this HIPHOP so stop playing around and hop
In my ride let’s go shop inside the Mall and then fall in love that happens a lot
Could be a phenomenon in suspense but you got common sense and a plot
My flow is hot but I know not what you thinking but you drinking that hot
Chocolate by NESTLES QUICK only a psycho would gamble but I’m like
That GEICO CAMEL play the wiz and asks WHAT DAY IT IS being hype
For HUMP DAY with plenty of junk to say let the CRUNK PLAY LIKE LIL
JOHN yeah SNAP YOUR FINGERS and rap with singers in R&B so thrilled
I can go build a love affair but sometimes stand in the lawn alarmed and this
Is beyond the norm, cut grass clean up fast wave to neighbors that pass this abyss
My harmony tonight can put an army in flight when it comes to rhymes
Got enough to slaughter and put stuff in order drink rum and wines
Use a smile as my tool and like a child in school my style is cool so
I get passing quick grades smashing chicks after serenades I do flow
As a legit star with a guitar, can’t lose my groove so I refuse to move
Haters in hummers come in greater numbers they run cats off of a smooth


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