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    “I’m not wearing any panties”, she said with not one ounce of sadness
    Lifting her skirt, just shy of showing off her slit mango madness
    That fuzzy fruit that suits my mannish mentality to the tee
    Teasing me until it came time for my ‘he’ to meet her ‘she’
    The bulge in my pants is growing to great pains
    My imagination is running wild like the Mustangs on the Great Plains
    My defenses fell to pieces like shaken graham cracker crumbs
    So smitten with just the hint mentioning of her ***** that I was struck dumb
    She reached under her skirt and rubbed her cooter, as if she were skimming vaseline
    Then she put her fingers to my nose; her ***** smelled so fresh and so clean
    She had a gleam in her eye, and a thought in her mind
    And I was her willing puppet, to respond to commands of her kind
    All that stood between me and her, was a slightly raised skirt
    That did more for me than just present itself as a shameless flirt
    It was a catalytic spark that spurred an urge to engage in coitus
    And succumb to an unction – moved by a moment to later mutually exploit us

    “I’m not wearing any panties, cotton briefs, or a thong”
    She said that as easily as singing a line from her favorite song
    Accompanied by a naughty look in her eye, it didn’t take long -
    For her to entice me into something that felt so right, whether or not it was wrong
    She pushed my imaginative imagery to the limit
    I swear, my mind was racing a mile a minute
    The blood drained from my brain to a hardening member, stout and sound
    I got woozy for a moment and I had to sit down
    Her coo-coo flashed across my mind at an incredible rate of speed
    And the more I saw it, the more I felt the need -
    To immerse myself inside her warm wet nest
    Just as the sun does in the Pacific Ocean when it sets in the west
    My lower parts said ‘****!!’ when they rose, and hardened instantly
    The bulge grew in my pants and throbbed with a painful intensity
    With a propensity to pulse with the beat of an anxious heart
    And hit the target, with your ***** as the bulls-eye and my man-handle as the dart

    “I’m not wearing any panties” she whispered in my ear
    Upon hearing that, the image in my mind because so vivid, and so clear
    I instantly got hard as a rock and my logic went awry
    Because of just a mere whisper, I could see her ***** in my minds eye
    I was primed for action … I could hardly wait
    The tip of my spear was ready and waiting to penetrate -
    The doors of uterine utopia – her ‘plum’ begged for erectile insertion
    In a hot, wet abyss of vaginal involvement and immersion
    She noticed the growth of my lower parts as was her statements’ intended affect
    She knew that I was ready and willing because I was ‘upstanding’ and erect
    She knew, at that point, that I wanted her as bad as drunk wants wine
    I knew that I had her attention, and she knew that she had mine
    She met me half way with a kiss of a passionate reservation
    She opened herself to my advances of fondling and third-party masturbation
    She wrapped her legs around me – our bodies intertwined in a web of limbs
    Having given ourselves to sensual vehemence passions and other erotic whims

    “I’m not wearing any panties” she casually said in a moments spur
    During a very private moment in a private place, just me and her
    As she sat in a chair across the room postured in compromised stealth
    With her legs gapped, opening wide to show me herself
    She showed me the southern regions of her birthday suit
    The pungent peach, the naked nectarine … the precious passion fruit
    She showed me her vagina, with all mystery to dispel
    She opened up her secret garden so that I could see her ‘well’
    She stroked herself, knowing she had my attention and had me mesmerized
    Doing so for my benefit – like a pendulum it had me hypnotized
    The way she held her clitoral hood between her fingers left no room for maybes
    She really had me spellbound when she said “Come get this *****, baby”
    Like a lamb led to slaughter, I gave in before I knew it
    I succumbed to the base nature of my own lust … I gave in to it
    It wasn’t hard to entice me … nor was it anything that threw me
    I wanted to take it as much as she wanted to give it to me

    “I’m not wearing any panties” she said with no need to define
    As she played with the labial fringes of a ***** divine
    With fingers tracing their way in and around her uttering star
    She gave new meaning to putting her hand in the ‘cookie jar’
    I wanted to engage her right then and there in vaginal mastication
    But I just couldn’t stop staring as she engaged herself in masturbation
    My focus, concentration and attention – in one swirl, she got ‘em
    She was the half naked female … the sexy woman minus her bottoms
    She sat in her seat for this masturbative duration
    Working on, in and around her pink … her hips responding in undulation
    Self stroking those lips that were nestled in between her thighs
    The whole scene was so surreal … I couldn’t believe my eyes
    She let out an enticing sigh that excited the man within
    With such a tone of ecstasy expressed in the sensually charged din
    She pulled her fingers away, feeling herself nearing her sexual mountain top
    Then put her middle finger in my mouth which I sucked on like a lollipop

    “I’m not wearing any panties”, she said knowing that she’d please all of me
    As she let me digitally explore her anatomy and physiology
    Touching lips tender to the touch – so excited I could spit
    I swirled the walls of her insides, then back out to a throbbing ****
    I pushed all of the right buttons, and pressure, I applied just enough
    At times I got caught up in the ecstasy and she said “Baby, not so rough”
    I toned down the pressure as my fingers did a glissade and glide
    Finger ******* her back and forth, as her hips did a forward slide
    From her clitoral hood to her perennial parts, my fingers made their trek
    Her ***** in my ‘manipulatorium’, was worked like a card dealers deck
    And as such, her movements weren’t such of happenstance
    As it was she was giving my hand a lap dance
    She wet my cuticles with the liquid of her wet release
    Joyfully staining my fingers with feminine ejaculate and orgasmic peace
    Trailed by cries of ecstasy following such an orgasmic wake
    After shocks and physical tremors that followed her bodys’ orgasmic quake

    She said “I’m not wearing any panties” as she rubbed her naked twat
    I looked at the obvious and replied “I think that’s so **** hot”
    An un-girded coochie excitedly calling and screaming to my lust
    Inciting physical changes within me, making a coital connection a must
    I moved to put my mouth on her honey-pot, on the bed where lay
    She scooted slit to where I was, meeting me half way
    My mouth connected with her snatch as I mouthed her minged miss
    And in an act of cunnilingus, I gave her camels-toe a kiss
    I munched on her muffin and she got wetter and wetter
    I ate her ***** until good times got better
    I licked labial delights with cunnilingual appeal
    I didn’t just make a snack of it … I made it a three course meal
    She pushed and she pulsed; she held my crown and proceeded to **** my face
    She ‘nutted, seasoning my tongue with a peculiar, yet arousing taste
    She moaned and uttered obscenities as I tongue stroked her vaginal regalia
    Afterwards, she was very grateful that I orally made love to her genitalia

    “I’m not wearing any panties” … that one line she said
    Was the one little phrase that kept ringing in my head
    While we were in the middle of doing the nasty, having ourselves a **** fest
    My hard rod of flesh stirring in her wet, tight nest
    With every upstroke I felt a sense of veneration
    And with every down-stroke, I felt the pleasure of repeated penetration
    She wet my eleventh digit with the mouth of her uterus
    With a familiar feeling to which we were accustomed, yet at the same time felt new to us
    She clasped both hands around my neck and held on for the ride
    Face to face, I peeped her expressions while down below I worked her inside
    I meted out thrusts that she responded to with flair
    I reached down past her waist and grabbed a cheek of her derriere
    With one had on her breast and another on her ***
    I kissed this miss while at the same time ******* her – at long last
    And we continued this consummation of man-woman interaction
    Until we both overcame … we ‘nutted to utter satisfaction

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2008
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    See No Panties displaying do all dat to ya !
    bet not let me see nobody under there skirt/dress naked
    or i'm gonna have a feast ...

    U took my mind there under her skirt fo real i use every ounce of Imagenation
    to a perfection whewwwww HOT WOOZY !!!

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    My man....
    I swear you never cease to amaze me.
    Everytime I think you have done it...
    you do it again...and again...
    This ish is HABANERO HOTT!!!!
    I have so many favorite lines I
    would have to quote the entire

    Okay...let me calm down. :)
    Your THE MAN!!

    Much Luv
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    even with the edit