Black Poetry : I’m Legal

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    I’m Legal

    Our status is out apparatus so pat us on the back giving
    Props we have living plots that work and keep on pivoting
    Inside brains, these rhymes could cause a panic in the Atlantic
    Dang Titanic will sink large scripts on barge and ships no antics
    Can’t dodge the lips of this whale that prevails like Moby Dick
    In the water coughing like a dolphin just to soften a tidal wave quick
    Throttle flows through bottlenose if the lid is popped off son
    My plan is larger than a barber got my hair dressed for my hon
    So my affair progress a ton the afro sheen flows lean through my stuff
    Keep my celly a chance for a smelly romance possibly get a belly dance
    Call the right place I wanna see some tight lace booty shake and the cutie
    Bake a cake with sweetness no weakness in her game need more than a hoopty
    Got a gap in my rap like a breach of contract but must reach the whack there
    A growing attraction between opposing faction so there’s confusion everywhere
    Lots of fake talk life is not a cakewalk I break chalk on the blackboard
    Need to enact a sword just to cut through the red take went back to ford
    Screw this Toyota motor, plain nasty and my brain capacity is ninety percent
    My thoughts occur bent in the twilight zone at my resident pay shiny rent
    Facts phat like acrobats doing cart wheels my art real and its turning like
    Wooden spokes even Dwight Gooden hopes to pitch this baseball hype
    Work with pride as a certified rapper that types on computers do flight
    Maneuvers with my brains and like planes gain rude altitude and height
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    sound like she was ready like betty
    to put some of dat hot phatty on ya
    this was tyte .............................