Black Poetry : I’m Americanized and lame rhyme characterized by pain


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May 11, 2006
I’m Americanized and lame rhyme characterized by pain
Best recognize my name I’m about to rise to fame
Sympathized with dames wanting a kiss for bed fame
Seen bent romances lead to events and circumstances and things
My lyrical are hood love material goods such as bling
A fat dude with attitude has afflicted his behavior and
Restricted his major goals, his pager holds messages and plans
That won’t ever be used, never refuse a chance to advance and stand
On top with an abundant supply of thoughts every guy fought
For this dream need a brisk spleen to be slick and not get caught
Up on phonics, alert as a devastated fan ready to convert
Cultivated land into real estate and deal great with the dirt
Of gas prices which has become a fast crisis sweeping the US
Must replace disgrace and flaw with law in order to be true and bless
In rap today you may able to flow bold but your style will grow old


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