Black People : Hyena As Pets

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Feb 9, 2007
The spotted hyena is primarily a predator, unlike its cousins. Spotted hyenas are successful pack hunters of small to large sized ungulates and are the most abundant carnivore on the African continent.

Hyenas-Pictures &FORM=QBIR

These pets make pitbulls look like tweety bird. Hyenas and baboons in Nigeria, oh my!

Tough Gang Turf
Please, nobody ever tell me that they grew up in the hood ever again. Can you imagine growing up in this part of Nigeria where the pets are Hyenas?

Yeah, you can bring your Pit Bull or your Rottweiller down there if you want. But I think you and your dog will get punked right on the spot. This is probably a Nigerian gang (notice the arm bands) rolling through the hood. Check out the home made muzzle. And they are being walked with truck chains!!!
NOTE: This system is designed to use and abused, and as black people we have been/and still being attacked by Carnivores (flesh eaters) mentality since day one of slavery. Is it right to say all those who attacked our people and still do have Hyena in them? Where can they be found, (SINators, SinEaters, Senators)? Some in high places, controlling and manipulating the masses, and some in low places preying on people for whatever reason. How much difference is there between a Pit Bull, Rottweiller and Hyena? With the Gun control laws, people must protect them selves and love ones BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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