Black Poetry : Hustlers Code

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    Hustlers Code: (No Remorse)

    Black on Black crime is still on the rise,
    So? I still ain't askin "what do you want w/ those fries."
    Humph, that won't even pay for 1 rim on my truck,
    I 'ma hustle baby, until I die, I don't give a F****!
    Yeah, so what if its messing up the Black community?
    Shhhh***t...Ain't none of those ni**as, doing a D*** thing for ME!
    MY Dead Father was a pimp, my Mother is a crack ho.
    What else can I do? This is all I know!
    Save that "I have a dream speech" for somebody that cares,
    Life is a B**ch*! To me it was never fair.
    Yo, a N***a gotta eat, the best way he can,
    I' ma get paid now, --F*** a 401k plan.
    Tomorrow may not come, but today i'm staying paid.
    Hole up...One of my Ho's is calling, "YEAH", TIME TO GET LAID!
    Then i'm back on the street, shooting some C-lo
    My grip is phat w/ a 100 + kilo.
    Breaking these fools off -while i'm waiting for some bricks,
    Gotta feed these fiends, cause they tripping, and getting sick.
    I'm Dr. feel good to em, the main man around the way.
    If they don't get it from me, they'll cop from somebody else anyway.
    We'll... I done made my stack, it's time to bounce...
    Then some fool want to test me w/ half a 40 ounce.
    Saying: "Yo N****! where you going? I wanna win some money back"!
    EhYo Son! (I says) You best step off, my 9 will make your dome crack!
    Everybody laughed,--then his homey handed him a tech,"
    He laced me up something silly, and said: "That's for disrespect!
    So now i'm in this hospital bed, D*** near dead,
    Tubes running everywhere, from my toes to my head.
    Any last words do I have? Yeah... dont feel sorry for me...
    Because... when I get to hell... Im'a serve the 1st fiend I see!
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    Tyte joint on da code of a Hustler
    keep in mind those words astric out is not allowed
    but sometime we all have to use them to vent

    keep flowing and telling da street code of life ....