Black Relationships : Hurt, confused.

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by KMP, May 12, 2003.

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    Me and my man have been together for 2 and half years. He has already cheated on me and has admitted to it. He has made a big change and has earned most of my trust back. I still find it so hard to trust him. When another female speaks to him and he acknowledges them back it drives me crazy!!! It makes me feel like he has slept with them or would like to. Is this normal. He also has a son, who he is not sure is his and I have been paying his $200 a month child support for him because he does not work. He comes home tonight with him and I got mad. Now he is not talking to me and does not want to have sex with me. I haven't seen him all day and he was out at a BBQ around a ton of females so now i am even more upset because I am afraid he has hooked up with another female. AHHHH!!! Why am I feeling like this. He came out with him cheating on me in February. How long does it take to get over it??? Please help. Am I stupid for staying with him?
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    If For whatever reason you decide to stay with this man I suggest you start letting him be responsible for his own children. You are going to feel insecure for a very long time unless he steps up and make it his business not to have you feeling this way. He knows what he's done and if he truly cares he'll spend all his time trying to gain back your trust, not blowing it off as if you have insecurity issues. I'm not going to tell you what you should do, but you can read back what you wrote here and ask yourself is he worth it or are you willing to sacrifice your sanity for him. My GOD guild you and show you the way. Good luck and you are not crazy for feeling the way you do.
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    Ms....hurt & confused
    u are not crazy nor stupid
    first why pay his problem bill
    if you love him fine help him
    if he cheated ,but admitted to it and u forgave him
    why complaint now as u said he did change and won your trust
    but when he speak or answer to another female u get mad
    theirs no reason to if u trust him but seem as u don't
    then he come home with him u got mad for what reason!
    first to love him is to love one's child yet u pay the other woman
    the money for support and don't get mad something very wrong
    in best to both
    you should move on and allow him to be theman he so claim to be
    you need not get confused by the action u facing but take them
    head on and see what's best for u
    happiness is about u , now if it's love try to work out a better
    understanding if not then say bye to him and move forward with life
    but do remember until u know in heart that this man is
    not to be or if u truely love him your direction will be wrong
    and confusing to u
    GOOD LUCK on this misguided emotional feelin'