Black Poetry : Hurrricane Katrina Part One


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May 11, 2006
Hurrricane Katrina Part One

A mixture of rain and wind developed pain with a spin
Living six foot below sea level could be a devil from within
A stir in the atmosphere a blur of fat fear but we took it light
Few days past about to get a true phase of blast worry non complain
About the hurricane nobody listen as the party glisten in New
Orlean as huricane Katrinia grew meaner in the Arena really to do
Damage we could hear the ocean rumbling and grumbling like
Wild hogs not mild at all as it measured our dialogue for a type
Of death the TV news hype sugguest we run for cover but no gripe
Many storms in seas swarm like bees most times missing us
But trust me this one look magnificent and different should’ve trust
my instinct true floatation leads to a new location flood water
leaves blood and disorder even street gangstas face thug slaughter
now approaches a new weapon in a few seconds life will change
to strife and strange survival after the storm arrival stret’ll be rearranged
forever and never to return to its original form this biblical storm
will destroy much. People in New Orlean has all sorts of pride, warned
but we took a short ride not alarmed to an overnight jazz party
Even girls with hooter occupations or computer operations were hotties
When the music started


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