Black People : Hurricane Katrina Song-Signs and Wonders

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    Do we see more Signs of what is to come to our black lives?

    Is Anyone Wondering
    what is next to take us ASUNDER?

    Do you hear the Thunder
    in the enemy voice?

    Do we see the Lightening
    in the enemy eyes?

    Do we smell the enemy presence?

    Do we feel the evil vibes?

    Do we taste the lies and deception the enemies tell?

    Do we see the Signs?

    Do we Wonder?

    The above is the physical only reality (human being Only) mind-set, Left behind consciously/subconsciously, five sensory, non-sensical psyche lower level thinkers, who often, if not always ignore what some call the Sixth sense, I know as the 7,8,9, Spiritual Ethereal Divine reality senses that is closer to Infinity (O), the senses we need to know that keeps us aware of what is called evil that is going on. The senses above will trick and fool us. That is why we need to use our other sense beyond those senses to check and balance our mind-thoughts.

    When we ignore the senses beyond the five sensory sense it is because the EGO (Easing God Out/Evil Going On) will do anything to stay in control, and when we allow the EGO to maintain control, we will sing more Hurricane/Tornado/Tsunami Songs...and then some.

    Tell me, who is it among us that do not desire to elevate/levitate beyond the above five senses?

    People are already in places waiting for us to show up as they hang on for dear safety waiting for the Truth and reality in us to rescue them.

    We have no time for frivolous pursuits. We must (action) word, show true grits, guts, balls...and then some to help save our people on the ground with Truth and reality.

    Do we see the Signs?

    Do we Wonder?

    Do we even Care?

    Tick (Time) Tock (Think)

    Knock Knock, are we Home?
    In our right mind-set
    Time:SuN040:Think :SuN040:Thoughts :SuN040: