Black People : Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Katrina racial unevenness


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Dec 18, 2014
The media images being transmitted of the historic flooding in Huston Texas brings back memories of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in August 2005
I want to say before I continue any farther I am for the residents of Huston sorry for the hurricane which had brought so much suffering to them and I hope they will get their lived back on track in the coming weeks ahead.

I couldn't help but notice the public facilities that opened as emergency shelters for the city residents whom houses were flooded.
One shelter was a high school. They sat up food buffets. People were seated at cafeteria tables that were comfortably spaced.Clothing donations were pouring in by the minute bags upon bags delivered on flats
All of this public outpouring

Then I thought if only the United States had compassion for the thousands of black people crowded in the New Orleans stadium to escape hurricane Katrina.
If only they had hot meals and could sit at comfortable tables and eat instead of being cramped in uncomfortable seats day and night for a week.
No fresh clothes. Young infants had no diapers or formula.
IN. Fact I remember a man holding a young black infant to the camera begging the world to have mercy to get food to all the babies there.
I saw a man hand his special needs brother an apple from a box of apples he looted a store for to get food for his relatives and others at the stadium.

Wouldn't it have wonderful if the black victims of Katrina had been treated in a humane fashion hours after the hurricane hit?
This morning and I listened to a female white reporter say about the people wading through waist deep flood water in Huston That these scenes were in the United States of America.
Well lady these same scenes occurred in New Orleans during August 2005
And all the black women men and children were in AMERICA also.
Strange no one ever said that about them
The day after Katrina.


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