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Feb 15, 2001
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You keep asking me, where’s the beef?
and it looks like I ain’t gonna get no relief;
until you know that I’m draped in disbelief
wrapped radical in the skeptic’s motif.
I got my way, my promise to keep my vows
feasting heartily on the farm’s sacred cows,
Trojan horse, golden geese and sacrificial lamb,
brown up nicely because I don’t give a ****
about no untouchable, unmentionable, unreal
mumbo-jumbo, hocus-pocus ******** crap
or busting balloons, dreams or taking the rap
for shooting down nonsensical flocks,
for bustin’ illusory illogic upon the rocks
for grillin’ irrational deer in the headlights
while searching for the unwinnable fight,
not even for ploughing hallowed ground
when it is necessary to supplant unsound
thinking and rhetorical sleight of hand,
to replace those regular diets of bland
repetition and ritual with sound assessment
and the divestment of the incessant
desire to feed the sacred cows
rather than dine in the now.

Hey Y'all--I am in San Francisco all week. ANybody from the page there? Would enjoy meeting and talking with any of you.



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