Black Poetry : Hungry

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
I'm hungry
To set my mark

And reach higher hights
To prove people wrong

I'm hungry
To fill in the gap

And make endz
And do all of dat

I'm hungry
To go to da club

Sing my heart out
To the blues
And make a name for myself

I'm hungry
Because my goals
Our set way up high

I'm hungry
Because I know
That's where my heart is at
I enjoy being young

I'm hungry
And feel so adventerous today

And I know
I'll have my way

I know what I want
To get out of life

I know what I expect
To become

In a couple years from now

I know
I know
I know

The joy I feel
When I sing a song to a crowd
I know how I feel
When I bring sex appeal

I know what I feel
What I mean
When I say it

When I display
When the sweetness
Is plastered on my face

And handle my business
With so much grace,class,and style

My own style
That I have made

My own being
A person and idividual

I celebrate

My own heritage
And everything in between

I know what I want
Out of life
I know
Just what I need

because I enjoy being me
I know what I'm lacking of
I also know what I'm plentiful in too

SO these things
Will come I know

And make me happy and feel good
With the outcome

And I will feel good
Serving people
I love people
Communicating with people
In language,writing,and singing
In my vibe
In my laugh
In my smile
Hard not to get caught in the Storm
Above the norb
But just plain simple
And I'm hungry

Desert Storm


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