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    (not, necessarily, a joke ... although, i suppose some of them seem like it at times. but some communal humor. add you bits!)

    i was watching men in black and finally caught something that was always there. while flashing his badge at the "guy" he ran down, "j" says:

    "... N!Y!P!D! that means i will kNock Your Punk-*** Down!".

    guess they got it better than them FuD-NY folks: could you imagine newbies to town being worried about getting kNYFD by them black-booted guys? watch out for their "ire" if they be getting hot under the collar! make ya wanna be thinking "it starts with an 'f', and ends in 'uck'". RED!

    i guess it's better than getting LAFD at though when one tries to report a fire!!

    but, what ever you do, be careful getting a table- or a LAP- Dance while in southern california!! them Gates From^H^H^H^Of Hell might B-SODn six feet over ya!

    `course, up here in washington, we decided to take a stab at nuclear power generation and came up with the name "Washington Public Power Supply System". WPPSS!!

    but, that's ok: while an advocate for the "DIScernedly ABLED", i was most pleased to work with a protection and advocacy organization called WPAS - you can imagine how the so-called "consumers" pronounced that one! there's prolly one somewhere near you with a brand new full can that they be ready to open up all over anybody that needs one!!

    oops! :run: