Black People : Human Society is changing into a Robotic society?

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    I believe that most societies in the world are heading into the direction into becoming a robotic society. I'm starting to notice that humanity is getting more intellectual in explaining events and anatomy, etc which is a good thing. But I think at the same time we are losing the ability of the "self". That for everything we do is based on our personal choices(not because of genetics or the brain). Thus this creates the mindset that we are not accountable for the actions that we make in which we become more lazy and depend on robots to do our work. This in turn will lead to humans to become robots themselves in which more perplex events can concur.
    Okay for example now scientists are finding out that fear doesn't exist. That our brain created fear and pain in order for us to survive. Do you see how people are trying to detached themselves from the actual problem? Pain is still pain and fear is still fear and it affects us daily. NO EXCUSES. If you cause pain to someone that is still pain. Although a person should overcome that pain it is still something that is very considerable in a person's life. The same goes for fear.
    So what if pain and fear is created by our brain. That is not an excuse to explain the things that happen daily in our lives. Of course I'm not saying that people actually are adapting this view, but it is something to consider
    I can go deeper than this but I want to hear some comments. Am I delusional or not?
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    IMO, others play an important role in the formation of self. Everyday we interact with others, make comparisons with others. Some times these comparisons gives us a flawed view of self. Also, humans have sensory knowledge which is deceptive, it leads us to believe in an incorrect view of self, causing the illusion of the importance of the role of others in the formation of the self.