Black Spirituality Religion : Human incarnation is God in a - liberated soul, two component system

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    Human incarnation is God in a - liberated soul, two component system

    Human incarnation is God in a - liberated soul, two component system.
    God wants to enjoy role of ignorance, - but He can’t be fully ignorant.
    Sun never becomes black even – if it is covered by darkest cloud.
    Hence God takes the assistance of - the liberated soul for this here.
    The liberated soul is product of ignorance – it can act real ignorance.
    Krishna can steal feeling that the butter – belongs to others only.
    God can never get that feeling – since He knows that He is the owner of
    This entire creation, Krishna steals – and gets insult by scolding of others.
    This real feeling of insult is – transmitted to unified God immediately.

    Now God can enjoy the insult – simply by unifying with the soul.
    God compensates this by giving – credit in lifting Govardhana hill.
    In the gross body of incarnation, - soul becomes God by this unity.
    But dualism is always the truth, - gold and copper are alloyed together.
    In this alloy atoms of gold are – separately seen from copper atoms
    Through microscope, but, for – general external view it is only gold.

    Gold being major component and – copper being minor component,
    Vishishta Advaita is also true, - it is a single phase due to inseparable
    Components and monism is true, - all three aspects are simultaneously
    True, the liberated soul is just a slave, - as good as inert gross body.
    Hence, only God lives in gross body – perfect monism is truly attained.
    When the soul becomes inert energy – in deep sleep as usual as in
    Ordinary human beings, God alone – is left over in body of incarnation.
    Now monism is true literally – word by word, since soul is now inert.
    Shankara refers to God left over – in deep sleep in the case of
    Human incarnation only, - not in every human being, since awareness
    Is converted into inert energy – totally and none is aware here.
    He refers to God Shiva, Himself – alone left over in deep sleep.
    The system of human body – is maintained by the will power of God
    That pervaded all over world – to maintain and control everything.
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    Be it far from me to say I understand every little thing, but in my understanding of why the Father sent His only Begotten Son for the sacrifice He made for our sins so that we might have salvation, He did this out of love for all people, His very creation.

    And when we have faith in the Holy Son for what He did and have belief in His works and resurrection from the dead, we gain the benefits of salvation as He has predestined for us to have, and have redemption in the Father and Son always.