Chief Elder Osiris : Human Being, A Response To Roger Moore

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    Human Being, A Response To Roger Moore

    My Beloved Roger:

    Beloved, in my reference to the Human being, I make reference to a Being whose Mind has demonstrated its attitude and behavior toward Black people to be that of being down right disrespectful, the source of Evil action.

    In the Black World, we came up with a new indication for the term Human, we incorporated the term Hue, to imply to the pigment of our Skin.

    The Human Being who call themselves Caucasian, ( White ) they know that their Pigment is the antithesis to the pigment of those people who call themselves Black, one pigment being none transparent while the other being transparent, meaning one is without the Gene that manufacture the chemical Melanin which give the pigment a colorless Carbon appearance we call Black, Dark, and/or Natural in relationship to the Perfect Night, which is a Massive Reality that encompass the None distance we refer to as Infinity.

    Human Being as it refer to the Caucasian/White people is not based on an opinion, they themselves coined that term in order to describe themselves and they assigned it to all other Anthropomorphous Beings, as we accept everything the Human Being Caucasian now tell us about Gog, ( God ) Universe, ( the perfect Night ) and ourselves, Biological Elements.

    Those Caucasians took to themselves to be Human, meaning a people with a pigment that is what we call Fair and Light, they in their effort in describing whom they are, confessed to be Born in what they call Sin, without the light-less Pigment and is shaped in iniquity, a Mind that operated out of the bound of Harmony, Order and Balance, the equivalent to Evil.

    So, we call such an attitude and Behavior that act to the opposite of Divineness, evil, on the other hand, being Divine is an action of behavior expressed in Harmony,Order and Balance, a direct connective indication to the attitude and behavioral action of what we refer to as the Universe, it being the perfect Night and the objects it reveal as being Stars and Planets, as well as the Elements in an Ethereal action.

    Hue is in reference to Color, such as Red, Yellow, Blue,Orange, etc.

    Black is not in reference to Hue, but is an indication of Shade, meaning colorless, the same principle apply to the shadeless and colorless of that we refer to as White, thus you have the two extreme, yet if assimilated together the result is a Hue of colors.

    Therefore the Shade that produce and receive Light, ( white ) which we call Black, Dark, and/or the perfect Night, is absent of the visible illuminated Light, therefore, Human is in reference to Nature creation of a Mutated Being, absent of the Gene that cause the Pigment to be of a Shade as the Perfect Night, is revealed to be, meaning such a Human Being is without the process of Thought, capable of causing the Being to act and behave in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with their counter Beings, those with the pigmented shade that produce a Mental process that express an action and behavior that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the attitude and behavior of the Universe.

    There are two Beings walking upon this planet we call Earth, one is a Divine Being, which no longer express such Divinity, yet has the capacity to do so, and the other is the Human Being, they that express the antithese to such Black Divinity, which we call such life expression as being action of Evil, the behavior of the Human Being toward black people.

    Here is Loving You

    Chief Elder

    roger moore <[email protected]> wrote:
    Greetings my brother, I must say that you write very DEEP spiritual pieces that definately touch the SOUL and attempt to WAKE UP THE MIND.

    Question: The word HUMAN BEING in your opinion refers to WHITE/CAUCASION People?
    I assumed that HUMAN came from the root word HUE (meaning COLOR).