Black People : Huge development in the Peterson case

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by kiyoung80, Nov 2, 2004.

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    Judge Delucchi, who presides over the Scott Peterson case, announced that he would give the jury the option to convict on a lesser, second-degree murder charge. As opposed a first-degree murder conviction which carries the death penalty sentence, second-degree murder convictions carry a 15-year sentence.

    Do you think the judge did this because he feels Scott is guilty, and doesn't want a hung jury? In my opinion, a 15-year sentence could be as bad or worse than a death penalty sentence because the treatment he would most likely receive from other inmates wouldn't be so kind…

    I know Court TV has updates during the day on this trial, but I'm usually at work so I don't really get a chance to catch them. I did hear though that they're giving their anchor, Catherine Crier, two timeslots (5pm-6pm & 8pm-9pm) to talk about that day's events during closings which start 11/1. Hopefully we'll see justice served!

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    Welcome to Kiyoung80! I hope you enjoy the forums, and the topics we have. I can't say that the Scott Peterson case is one of great importance to me, I know what it is about, but have other concerns. Maybe one of the other members can contribute to this topic. However I would like to welcome you to the room!
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    Greetings and welcome kiyoung80! :wave:

    I'll be honest with you, I haven't really follow the Petersen case that closely although I'm well aware of the issue. A good thing that stemmed from the case is the new Peterson law whereby an unborn child is viewed as the equivalent of the mother so in this case he's on trial for the death of two individuals.

    As far as what the judge is or has offered as an option to the jury, if not the death penalty (which I don't support because of the overwhelming number of Black men sitting on death row), the least he should get is life in prison, in my opinion. Fifteen years just isn't long enough for him to pay regardless of how badly inmates will treat him. Knowing that one day he could walk free again is a bit much to bear considering what he did, assuming he's found guilty.

    My opinion....

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