Black Ancestors : Huey, Rapp Brown, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Angela Davis The Warriors Black Liberation


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Psychological Revolution

Psychological Revolution a hyponotic trance.
Blackman Justice died when the ******* burned the flag.
Hate me be me hero is nothing but a sandwich.
If you don't love your brothers and sisters
don't wave the flag. Countless brothers who gave up
there lives for those who don't have pride.
There is more than sugar coated words.
The revolution was about sacrifice giving love,
under know means to break the code of unity.
Revolution is sealed in a book.

Black Power, its not the power,
but the substance it represent,
Man cry division when one refuse to come together as one.
Slaying there brothers for a moment of fame.
The blood of our brothers who fought the revolution,
when sisters and brothers of the culture, recognized
them once a year,
“If any” a revolution that is sealed in a book.

Close minds to there own self worth.

Huey Newton, Malcolm X, Martin
Luther King, Medgar Evers,
Rap Brown, Angela Davis, a cause that the sleepless
selfishness of a people let dye in vain.
A mind a terrible place to waste,
Many singing we shall over come.
The enemy that lives with self.

Rise as I speak what message,
do we as a people who are fighting,
the same battle in our streets,
as the soldiers ready for war .
What about the battle?
which we live right here on our streets?
Where are the father's?
to restore the separation of there genes.
The mothers who selfishly think of self,
and the system rule there seeds.
Fatherless, Motherless children,
Living in concentrations camps,
Sold and branded as the un-wanted.
trade off for crack, the sickness
Of the devil who kills the seeds,
Of the sacred grounds.

Blackman justice shall not be dictated by another man are being.
When a man began to plead for freedom,
from another man he emancipate his self as the yesum sir slave.
The will to be free is a gift from God.
There will be no back door front door,
In the 20th Century are neither shall
it ever happen in this world order crucial moments awaits,
Nationalities need no permission from another man.
To classify him as a man. Loyalty to God is freedom.
A slave is a man who is a better man dead.
Than live in clutches of another man.
Knowledge is vain humility shall be sustained.

Supremacy holds hostage the soul of a man
who is submissive to another’s mans demands.
A dead man without a soul.
This game call reverse psychology is a myth that the devils used,
to formulates a stereo type theme.
Slavery was only for a few who were in strange place of land.
The critique of society plays its games. Psychological abuse,
that tames an conquer the self esteem of a man.

Man who walks with pride is not man who advocate violence,
But a man who defense his self. Power in defense for spiritual freedom.
Power in defenses for the poor man,
of opposite persuasion is a cowardly way to prove he has power,
he uses color to build his own self esteem.
Living in the land of poverty wearing the clothes of deception.
A spineless man without substance a coward
that hides behind the code of justice.
I pledge allegiance to poverty which
he wears the scars of his own ancestors,
Forming groups of hate, rounding up cowards to fulfill
the torching of another man. The devil that hide behind the cloth,
the coward who is afraid to show its face.

Civil Rights an Human Rights Go hand an hand.
Only the weak shall follow the trails of a coward
that hides behind hate an shame.

Racism Institutional structure as law,
social instruments, within the lines of humanity
dictates are determines what black men
an women should be. An what they cant do in society.
It’s a fool who will aloud another man to dictate there fate.
A man of vindictiveness will only, exploit, ridicule,
terrorize an undermined, to destroy another man
for his own self gratifications.
An rationalizes it being falsely an viciously,
claiming that said people are culturally,
intellectual, socially , an morally inferior to them.
Captivity of blackness, Riches of thy family tree,
possessions of the parishioner who lives within self.

Upon this Journey I embark that emancipated slavery will never,
influence the mind of a Blackman within the realms of justice.
Breaking the curse of psychological lynching,
There is no bias’s within the justice of man.
Only if he determines to follow the plan.

Man should not be judge by the color of his skin,
There are many who fight for the same cause.
There will be no more fields to work,
there will be no more vindictive words.
I the rod an staff of thy turf.
The poor man is worse than the rich.
He is the slave within his own family tree
as the world looks on at the poverty an abuse
that its ancestors produce.

So who is hatred that leach at success,
the poor an unfortunate who targets
the ones of good fortunes which they refuse to confess.

The black man has no need to move
in the communities of someone else,
its economics an education for his people is his own concern,
he’s not interested in moving next door.
Strategy of a theory that dose not exists.

No the Blackman when you see him.
Don’t be fooled by the black face.
Intelligence that breeds strong nations.
There is no contradiction in his plans.
There is much ignorance in all cultures
within the realms of Justice.
For those who come through the back door,
be careful a man who don’t know his history
will continue to make the same mistakes.
There are black men who have mastered the science.
There are black men who has mastered the history of this nation
. Many comes with fork tongues who no not the history of the Blackman.

Ignorance that launch out at the Blackman,
The ignorance of hatred has no knowledge of there own history.
You must no history to no about God's instruction.
Playing the blame game never picking up a book to discover
crying we shall be free. Break the dam chains and walk straight.
The racist is the blackman who hates his own family tree.
Marking the instructor which he say he hate.
Education deleted without common sense.
I give honor to the hero's that speak from the same tongue.
I give honor to the soldiers that have lived and passed on.
Actions speak louder than words.
A true revolution is deleted by mans own right hand.

Dedicated to:
Blood dripping from the mouth of my brother.
Captivity shall die in captivity.


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Mar 21, 2001
awesome u took us inside to honor da greats of our people
thankz for this a perfect picture
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