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    Blakeradio is an African American owned venue. At one time the owner, Neal Blake, had built up a world wide listenership which included 56 hosts from across the nation. Mr. Blake decided not to bring in advertising dollars since many of them sought to change the nature of Mr. Blake's venue, which was to inspire, inform and uplift primarily African American people; although others were not excluded. Thus, for years, Mr. Blake bore the cost of his endeavor. However, as it became increasingly difficult to bear the financial burden of keeping his enterprise operational, the station owner struck upon the idea of allowing Blogtalkradio to be his streamer and therefore, the medium was struck. At a small cost, those that bring their shows to Blogtalkradio supply the entertainment value to Blogtalk for the Blogtalk advertisers which allows Blogtalkradio to remain operational. But for those providing the shows, Blogtalk operates as a server. Blogtalkradio is not the holder of property but a paid server. Therefore, they do not own the shows, simply act as a conduit for them. The shows are under the auspice of Blakeradio.com, Rainbow Soul (The Blakeradio Network) but hosts own their own shows. Thus, I have provided for your listening pleasure my interview with Oscar Brown, Jr. Attached herein.