Black Relationships : HPV - WHY IS THERE NO TEST?

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    Hotep to all,

    Many of you may know this already, but I'm posting it because amongst my own friends and peer group, there are quite a few people who were unaware of this disease and it's danger. HPV is more common and prevalent than HIV/AIDs, there is no cure for HPV and there is also no test for males. The only way to know if a woman has been exposed is a cervical pap smear that will show that she either has it or does not. Once a womban has contracted HPV (of which there are over 35 varieties), there is no cure!
    HPV is also known as genital warts, but like I mentioned there are over 35 varieties of this STD and in men can go without showing symptoms. I asked my physician about how to detect HPV in men, and she said they don't test men, because it doesn't affect them negatively! Hmmmm...... but if a woman gets HPV she can get cervical cancer, and any pregnancies have to be delivered C section. It is so interesting that there is so much hype about HIV/AIDS but nearly no attention to HPV or Herpes, which affect up to 60% of the adult population. When you go to the doctor's or free clinic for STD testing these two predominant diseases are not included! That's right folks. And neither one of them are considered curable. If a womban has HPV lesions they must be lasered off of her cervix and genitals (eewww, that sounds like he**). Of course there are obvious differences here between HIV and HPV/Herpes, I'm not trying to compare them in severity, but I am saying that since the latter is so much more frequent there ought to be more public concern and medical attention towards prevention and treatment than there is now. So, exactly how are we supposed to know if it's safe to have unprotected sex with a man if they cannot / do not test him for these diseases?