Black Education / Schools : How would you revamp and revitalize the Teaching profession?


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May 7, 2011
In my observation of not only being a product of attending public schools with a home environment that thoroughly supported my enlightenment but also a teacher in the homeschool environment which has yielded much success w/o the drama & trauma of the behemoths known as public schools..there are very viable alternatives to the establishment paradigm...

Who knows?

If home schooling is done, children might actually learn something useful and practical.


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Jun 13, 2007
People all over the world have to decide what to do with these tablets. The technology does not care about race.

iPad game improves math test scores

In just one week Latino fifth graders saw statistically significant improvements in their math test scores, as well as attitudes towards math, by playing an iPad game.

Key Findings
* Children’s fractions test scores improved an average of over 15% after playing Motion Math for 20 minutes daily over a five-day period, representing a significant increase compared to a control group.
* Children’s self-efficacy for fractions, as well as their liking of fractions, each improved an average of 10%, representing a statistically significant increase compared to a control group.
* All participants rated Motion Math as fun and reported wanting to play it again; nearly all (95%) children in the study reported that their friends would like the game, and that the game helped them learn fractions.
* Taken together, the data from this experimental study offer solid evidence that Motion Math successfully integrates entertainment value with educational value.

Every culture in the world has to decide how to use these devices for education. Considering that this culture can't make double-entry accounting mandatory or a National Recommended Reading List I have to wonder what is going to be done with tablets.


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