Black Education / Schools : How would you revamp and revitalize the Teaching profession?


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Nov 2, 2009
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The way I would revamp and revitalize Teaching is by Fixing education as whole.
Here are some of my ideas:

At the Federal Level:

1. Create a National Teaching Credential with a renewal cycle based on the Fibonacci sequence.. 1 1 2 3 5 8 13.. so Teachers tested/evaluated initially, then at the end of the 1st year.. then the 2nd year, 3rd year, 5th year, 8th year and 13th year, afterwhich the license becomes permanent.

2. Build (from the ground up) a single massive state of the art National Junior High through College (6 thru Phd) Academy Campus in the Capital city of each State, including Puerto Rico and D.C. Enrollment is free and is open only to American Citizens.

3. Create Satellite National school locations on the site of each foreign Embassy worldwide.

4. Create a voucher program for educational services and supplies.

5. Legalize alternative schooling Nationwide. Create a regulatory commission to ensure students are meeting Federal Standards.

6. Legislate a special type of business entity called a "Private-Public Corporation"
meaning it's a Private company but with special restrictions and public-access requirements.

7. Exempt Educational institutions from energy costs. (No Utility bills).

8. Equip each facility to be as energy-independent as possible. (Solar Panels, Wind, Generators).

9. Create a National Education-level Certification that is independent of any particular education program and effectively decouples the acquisition of knowledge from the certifying of that knowledge. So you can study any way you choose.. if you pass the test and/or satisfy the board, you will be granted a Degree with a Federal Government Seal that is recognized worldwide.

At the State Level:

1. Adopt the National Teaching Credential Standard.
2. Create a State 6 through Phd Academy to operate as a second tier to the National Academy described above.. open only to State residents.
3. Offload 30 to 40% of State schools to the Private sector.. under the new "Private-Public Corporation" format created at the Federal level.
4. Authorize Public Per-grade schools. These schools are run completely by Teachers and their support staff. Administrators work for Teachers, not the other way around.

Private Sector:

In Oakland alone.. based on an old budget I remember.. it was 230 Million dollars to educate 27 thousand kids.. (8500 budget-dollars per kid) 100 million of that was for salaries.. if we were to divert 40% of that to the private sector that would represent a 92 Million dollar opportunity in the city of Oakland alone. The Federal and State Vouchers for educational services and supplies will create an economic boom in the educational services market... like afterschool programs.. alternative school programs.. tutors... seminars.. educational trips/tours.. books.. musical instruments.. etc.


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Jun 13, 2007
Create a National Recommended Reading List

100 books for kindergarten, 200 for 1st grade, 300 for 2nd grade, etc. etc. That would be a little less than 10,000 books by 12th grade classified by subject.

Kids cannot control how good or how bad their teachers are, so those that want to learn can do it regardless of the teachers. Even if only 5% of the students use it that still makes it very useful. Plus it is good for helping kids figure out which teachers do not know what they are talking about.

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