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Oct 13, 2006
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When it Hits the fan?

This information follows up on a recent thread titled:
Prophecies and Predictions

Many of you have heard the news about the tornado that ripped into Downtown Atlanta just last Friday and a second severe storm that I witnessed personally on Saturday. I started getting call from friends that reminded be about "Haarp" and other theories left over from Katrina. No ATLiens, we are not exempt from the equation. No one in the South is.

And since the majority of our people live in the South, it's time we start to think about how we will survive the South. Either South in America or South in Africa.

When I saw those golf ball sized hail hitting my car outside, it was a reminder- first that it was a good thing I stayed inside that day, and second that our lifestyles will have be adjusted for nature, now even more than ever before.

How will we survive?

We also have to find the answer to this question too, will Africa be exempted from these climate changes?

Of course, we are not only dealing with nature we dealing with politics, Governments, the fall of the America empire...all of this is part of the equation too. But for now let's deal with nature.

There are ways to survive nature. This best way is to live along side nature, and bend like a reed in the wind. Meaning, we adapt to nature, just as all people of tribal Earth have adapted. In order to do this, we might have to divorce ourselves from ideals that restrict us from nature as our source of survival. This will have become true for us even for those of us who are willing to relocate outside of America.

Because of Hurricane Katrina, and because of the current "climate" in America especially where Black folks are concerned, we are should be the first people in line to run towards ideas that give instructions for our survival, natural or otherwise.

And if money is the issue as to why we don't, then we need to start thinking as a Nation. Not thinking as a Nation is also against nature, because all natural beings depend on their species for protection and survival.

Warriors, your strength will be required in this coming age. Queens and Goddesses, your spiritual guidance will be required as well.

So what are we dealing with first? Basic survival needs. Clean water, food, shelter, clothing and protection. But guess what, none of this will matter in the end without a major first. "Community."

All you so-called "Armies of One" listen up. You will be an easy target if such a case presented itself. This isn't Rambo, this is real life. You best bet, is actually to team up with like minded individuals like yourself and create a "Survival tribe" designating different safe zones where you can gather together when the sirens sound.

Realistically a survival community will be small anyway. To understand how this would work better, we have to talk about how our real estate should start to look like.

Ecodome homes, also know as Dome homes and Earth homes can be made to withstand ALL natural disasters, from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and even fires. Naturally, such homes are conducive with the environment. But what is the cost? Anywhere from $75,000 - $100,000.
While there is financing available in different states, and many states like California have already begun educating people about these homes, the reason I am presenting these homes as a option is to start us thinking about ways to survive. This is proof that it is possible. And also, if we LEARN how to build these homes ourselves we can cut down on the cost to have a company like come in and build them. They are after-all "natural" homes. I don't see us not being able to do this.

But considering the price of an average home, one could choose a dome home instead and save on the cost overall from the utilities.
Domes are easier to heat and cool.


Or..those of you who are in the market for it, can just build pyramids and get the same results.

Let's be honest, for some of us this is not a realistic option at all. Dome homes? On my salary? Where would I get the time? This is true especially for those of us who are single and have to way of becoming part of any survival community. I know that many of us are in this predicament. Where we live as individuals, and who we live around will play a major role in our survival. Be mindful of this. Katrina was our major disaster template. The majority of people floating face down in those waters had no family and no community. So place yourself in that same arena and ask yourself, would I survive? If you are in constant need of medical assistance, pills, drugs, medical equipment, all of these things also play a role.

Because I love all my family as equals, I will say this to all. It is PARAMOUNT that we develop a survival plan right now. This is especially true for those of us who live alone and part from others.

Even now without the investment of a Dome Home, we all need community. Which is simply a list of close and local friends and family that look out for one other. Such groups should network with other groups, and together everyone will be able to figure out everything that needs to be figured out. Be conscious of those who will only be "dead weight" to your group. And be conscious of all your "assets" -your skilled people, your children and babies that you must protect.

More to come.....

I have been dreaming about massive tornadoes in the mid western area this week. I hope it was just a coincidence. I have often thought about building a pyramid structure to live in once I purchase some property. I have visions of coming off the express way and seeing small and big pyramid structures instead of the square structures we have now. How many sand storms and natural disasters u think the current pyra mids have survived. Hotep nice picture of dr york compound he really had it going on down there i know it scared the hell out of the people down there in the bible belt. hotep
Greeting Bro. Goodman!

Trust your dreams! Because as we move closer to the year 2012 more and more earth disasters will take place. It is possible that project like "Haarp" were created to direct these disasters away from White folks and even use the weather as a weapon. It's also true that the earth is going thru a cleanse.

Dr. York's complex shows us what is possible when we organize. Well made pyramid structures like domes aren't going anywhere. Its almost impossible for any force of wind to move them.

I also found more dome builders, this time in Japan that offer houses for about $41,000. Now the issue still is- in most states you need a "permit" to get these homes built.

The lenders are saying, when more domes that become readily available and built- the more financing will be available. Sounds like we need to start funding these projects ourselves.
Yes Sis. IntelligentNoir, there are many on there. Search using "Haarp weather modification" - this one is very informative:

I'm betting that we are going to have an interesting summer.
I know many Teachers in the Black metaphysical community have blamed Haarp for Katrina, myself included. But my focus these days is on a much greater power. US.

I was driving earlier and I spotted a Police Helicopter searching that was hovering around downtown Atlanta, I could tell it was searching for someone. Then I heard a very calming Ancestral voice from within. It said "you could turn it off."

I took my eyes off the Helicopter as quickly as I could. But in my vision, I saw the Helicopter crash into a building and explode. I felt like I had really did something terrible. Then the voice reminded me that I did something like that before. I remembered these words very clearly "you can control anything that is powered by electricity."

If this is true for me, then it would have to be true for most Black people in general. I say this especially now, because there is no much technology related to our minds that we have simply forgotten. Which is why 'Haarp" seems so mystified and even impossible. Yet weather modification is nothing new.

So for me, survival also means mastering the psychic arts of our Ancients. I believe the mind is our most valuable weapon over all. And when we study what our Ancestors have done with their minds alone, it should give us the confidence to pursue their levels of mastery.

Shamanistic Weather Control
[...] In Ifa the invocation of lightning is used as an instrument of warfare. There are very specific and detailed rituals that are designed to produce and direct this natural phenomena. I have personally witnessed enough examples of Ifa initiates invoking changes in the weather that it now seems normal rather than abnormal.

From a parapsychological perspective claims of effecting the weather result in a debate between two possible explanations. One explanation is that the person has a telekinetic influence on conditions that produce the weather and the other is that the person has powers of precognition and is simply predicting events while claiming to exert some form of control.

From an Ifa perspective these two points of view are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Ifa makes extensive use of a variety of divination systems that are used to predict the future. If a predicted future event is deemed favorable, rituals will be performed to insure that the anticipated good fortune becomes manifest. If a predicted future event is deemed unfavorable, rituals will be performed in an effort to alter destiny. To me this ritual process suggests that there is a interactive relationship between precognition and telekinesis that does not appear to have been fully explored by Western scientist who research paranormal phenomena. This polarity would be extremely difficult to analyze in a laboratory setting. In personal terms it is the polarity between optimism that generates good luck and pessimism that generates bad luck. [...]
Based on my own experience I have seen shamans invoke rain and watch the rain manifest. I have seen shamans invoke the spirit of lighting while their invocations were punctuated by bolts of lightning hurling across the sky. I have seen shamans command the wind to blow and demand that it stop. [...]

Who is afraid of the big bad HAARP- when we got US?


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