Black Poetry : How we Change...

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    I’ve invested so much of myself into those who never invested in me
    It didn’t take long to realize my love bank was dam near empty
    And they say don’t let people change you
    When in fact it is exactly what we do
    I remember rushing in Head First
    I was all in and that felt the worse
    Cause every time we’re hurt we construct a wall so tall believing it will keep us protected
    Protect us from feeling neglected and rejected
    We put a moat around that wall and a cast to cover our heart… Just in case
    Not realizing that the wall keeps us stuck in the same place
    That place where nothing can enter or even leave
    This wall to protect us, is only to deceive
    And we make up reason that does not convey how we really feel
    While others seek help though the modern medicine where they just take a pill
    Then someone comes along and we blurt out that excuse
    The one to make sense to the corrupt mind but is truly of no use
    I have found that music is better pill to swallow when your feeling hurt
    When you heart has been broken and dragged through the dirt
    Remember you have value, that you have worth
    And you have had this value since birth
    And it’s true, what does not break you will make you stronger
    You just have to hang on just a little bit longer
    Cause for every love is a lesson learned
    And opportunity give and take and take turns
    But you can’t really love someone unless you remove the bricks
    Yes some of us keep the handy and start building as soon as we feel the slightest *****
    Some say **** Love, cause of the choices they made
    Invested themselves into loving someone just to get played
    So now the next person has to get across the moat and try climb that wall
    The one you erected out of pain and hurt to stand tall
    That reads “KEEP OUT” which is displayed for all
    Problem has been when in love, we want to walk before we even crawl
    We want to run before we walk
    And sometimes we don’t listen, we only want to talk
    So we want something better than the last, we have to keep changing what we do
    If not we will keep getting the same results and end up the fool..

    So remember you value and don’t settle for less
    You deserve better, you deserve the best
    If the love you receive is Conditional
    Then back up, and got back to ways that are traditional
    Make love prove it, cause actions hold more value that words
    And make sure the lines are clearly marked and nothing is blurred
    So when the opportunity presents itself your ready from the start
    Cause living in love and being loved is the best part…