Black Spirituality Religion : How We All Became Spiritually Altered

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Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
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Omowale, you have poured in tons of reference material that I have peeked at and likely will never fully comprehend. I will definitely need to come back here and spend more time with this.

Best regards....

Best regards to you as well. If you haven't done so already I suggest picking up The Pale Fox and study the diagrams, then some maps of star systems within what is referred to as the habitable zone. There is no astronomical evidence for 'Nibiru'. And there are many more systems closer to our own than Sirius or Orion. Once we move beyond ancient myths into the realm of modern science we get closer to the truth and begin to see the larger picture and where exactly we are pictured in the larger context. Peace!


The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005


January - ME Januari(us), OE Januarius, translation of Latin Januarius, named after JANUS, god of beginnings
February - ME OE Februarius from Latin Februarius, named for Februa, the feast of purification
March - ME March(e), from Latin Martius, (month of) Mars
April - ME Averil, OF Avril, Latin Aprilis mensis (month). The name may derive from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite
May - ME OE Maius, Latin Maius mensis (month), from the Greek Maia, goddess of spring (growth)
June - ME Jun(e), OE Iunius, from Latin mensis Junius, named after the goddess Juno, Queen of the god
July - ME Julie, OE Julius, from Latin Julius (Caesar) after whom it was named in 44 BC. The original name was quintilis, fifth month in the early Roman calendar
August - ME OE Agustus from Latin Augustus (Caesar) 8 BC. The original name was sextilis, sixth month in the early Roman calendar
September - ME Septembre from Latin September, seventh month in the early Roman calendar October - ME OE from Latin
October, eighth month in the early Roman calendar November - ME OE from Latin
November, ninth month of the early Roman calendar, from novem NINE
December - ME Decembre from OF and Latin December, tenth month of the early Roman calendar (decem TEN + membri from mens MONTH + ri suffix).

Legend - Source
ME = Middle English
OE = Old English
OF = Old French
OHG = Old High German​


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Mar 3, 2014
My Dear friends here....

What do we do with the 13th Month from the Mayan calendar? What do we name it? What is its significance in the natural order of things in this massive universe of existence, of which our tiny Earth is a small dab inside it?

Our moon transits us every 28 days, and 13 times in an Earth transit around the sun in a 1-year Earth orbit around the sun, or 264 days. Why do we reject the natural order of things in our universe? And what should we call that 13th month in an Earth year?

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