Black Spirituality Religion : How We All Became Spiritually Altered

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Sep 29, 2005
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I lean towards Niburu due to me belief in the Anunnaki (my sig) And Enki (my name) who was the creator of mankind. The is more physical evidence of there existence than there is of the biblical god.

In this image you have a drawing of the solar system correctly represent as it is today.
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ALso you have to look at Easter Island for example, man did not possess the knowledge, and tools to create those figures. Forget what the TV says, use logic and take in to consideration physics, and the lifestyle of the people that lived there.


Peace brother Enki.

I'm sure you do as do most Nuwabbians I know. However, I keep looking to the South. Peace!

Shems Nbedjer

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Oct 6, 2012
This is some serious ish right here. I was sitting back thinking and basically having a talk with the ancestors concerning what's happening to day. Now as I was doing this, it dawned upon me or was transferred to me that, all of us on every level have been spiritually co-opted. We can claim to be Christian, Muslim, Jew or anything....we have all been co-opted.

Check this out: We don't call on the names of our ancestors of old. We don't call out the divine attributes of our Creator in the Kemetic language. But guess what it is that we do. We call out the names of the white man's Gods all the time.

  • Sunday: Sun's Day. The Sun gave people light and warmth every day. They decided to name the first (or last) day of the week after the Sun.
  • Monday: Moon's Day. The Moon was thought to be very important in the lives of people and their crops.
  • Tuesday: Tiw's Day. Tiw, or Tyr, was a Norse god known for his sense of justice.
  • Wednesday: Woden's Day. Woden, or Odin, was a Norse god who was one of the most powerful of them all.
  • Thursday: Thor's Day. Thor was a Norse god who wielded a giant hammer.
  • Friday: Frigg's Day. Frigg was a Norse god equal in power to Odin.
Saturday: Seater's Day or Saturn's Day. Saturn was a Roman god.

  • January: Janus, Roman god of doors, beginnings, sunset and sunrise, had one face looking forward and one backward,
  • February: On February 15 the Romans celebrated the festival of forgiveness for sins; (februare, Latin to purify),
  • March: Mars, the Roman god of war,
  • April: Roman month Aprilis, perhaps derived from aperire, (Latin to open, as in opening buds and blossoms) or perhaps from Aphrodite, original Greek name of Venus,
  • May: Maia, Roman goddess, mother of Mercury by Jupiter and daughter of Atlas,
  • June: Juno, chief Roman goddess.
This means that every time we say what the day is or call out those months, we are in fact calling out to the Gods of the white man and woman! So whatever your religion may be, I want you to know that you have always been calling out to other gods, even when you didn't know it !!
Peace Brother Kenyetta, I agree wholly with your post, that is why posted the thread "Get off the 12 month calendar" so i could looking into get back on track with the right energy. I think this is very serious! It is another level of subliminal mind control.

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