Mali : How Washington helped foster the Islamist uprising in Mali


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Sep 12, 2009
by Jeremy Keenan

On 12 October 2012, the UN Security Council voted unanimously in favour of a French-drafted resolution asking Mali’s government to draw up plans for a military mission to re-establish control over the northern part of Mali, an area of the Sahara bigger than France. Known as Azawad by local Tuareg people, northern Mali has been under the control of Islamist extremists following a Tuareg rebellion at the beginning of the year. For several months, the international media have been referring to northern Mali as ‘Africa’s Afghanistan’, with calls for international military intervention becoming inexorable.

While the media have provided abundant descriptive coverage of the course of events and atrocities committed in Azawad since the outbreak in January of what was ostensibly just another Tuareg rebellion, some pretty basic questions have not been addressed. No journalist has asked, or at least answered satisfactorily, how this latest Tuareg rebellion was hijacked, almost as soon as it started, by a few hundred Islamist extremists.

In short, the world’s media have failed to explain the situation in Azawad. That is because the real story of what has been going on there borders on the incredible, taking us deep into the murky reaches of Western intelligence and its hook-up with Algeria’s secret service.

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Very informative article.
This looks like it will be a region that shall experience destabilization for a long period of time.

As far as the Tuareg are concerned, most are not "rebels" or separatists. Large numbers have been crossing over into Mauritania, as this video explains. Look at the faces of the children. These are Black people, many of whom lived in Libya.

Regardless of what some of you think concerning Kadafi, these Black people had a far higher standard of living than they do now, and all they are doing now is catching Hell.


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